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Wrong things you might know about cruising in Halong Bay

Food on board are diversified and delicious
If you ask anyone who have never experienced a cruise trip before about how they think about the cruise in Halong Bay, you may get some common but possibly wrong answers such as crowded bay, small and simple cabins, limited entertainment and people from different countries and background. Once coming to Halong Bay VSpirit Junk cruise, you may be surprised to know how cruising there actually is. Cruising Myth: Halong Bay is always over crowded and packed with tourists

Halong Bay is not always crowded

Halong Bay is not always crowded – source: internet

It is partly true but not totally that Halong Bay is always overcrowded and packed with tourists. There are 4 different areas in Halong Bay: Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. Since Halong Bay is the center of this area and closer to the shore, it is always full and even over packed with tourist boats. On the other side of the coin, Bai Tu Long Bay is farther to the northeast area which is as charming as Halong Bay but has a proportion of cruises as does Halong Bay.

Cruising Myth: You are stuck on board and unable to discover

Kayaking is the best way to discover Halong Bay

Kayaking is the best way to discover Halong Bay – source: internet

In Halong Bay, you can find a wide selection of choices from half day to full day to even multiple day cruises. No matter what option you choose, you are granted that you will not get stuck and bored. Actually, the schedules of most cruises generally include swimming, kayaking, visiting fishing village, visiting cave; some cruises even provide extra activities such as tai chi, class cooking, squid fishing, etc. If you only want to relax, you can also choose to stay onboard and have some leisure sunbath.

The best way to discover the natural beauty of this bay should be kayaking, and while sailing, make sure to take your camera with you. Halong Bay is the dreaming destination of all photographers.

Cruising Myth: The food is not really great

Food on board are diversified and delicious

Food on board are diversified and delicious – source: internet

On board, you can find no more lukewarm dining and plain dishes quickly servicing. The majority of the cruises, especially luxury ones pay great attention to food as professional on-board chefs try their best to make the most of the fresh plats and create menus considering the harmonious balance of taste and nutrition through dishes.

Normally, each meal has about 5 to 7 different stunning dishes. Most of the courses are often made of seafood specialties. Not only being one of the World’s New 7 Wonders of Nature,  Halong Bay is also proud for being one of the most famous places having a large number of high-quality seafood. Therefore, the menu served on the cruise is true a dream of any seafood lovers. Others courses offered such as pork, beef teriyaki, beautifully marinated chicken and of course vegetables- all traditional Vietnamese are for non-seafood eaters. Dragon Pearl Junk

Cruising Myth: All cruises in Halong Bay ply the same routes

Cong Dam area in Halong Bay

Cong Dam area in Halong Bay – source: internet

As mentioned above, as there are 4 areas in Halong Bay, you can sail to different areas of Halong Bay depending on the cruise line that you pick. Additionally, the number of the days you stay there also determines how far you will go. For instance, the 2 day 1 night cruises usually take travelers around Vung Dang area, while the 3 day 2 night cruise trips will sail to Cong Dam area.

Cruising Myth: The cabins are rather small and uncomfortable

Halong Bay cruise

Halong Bay cruise – source: internet

If you think that all cruises are comfortable and similarly modern equipped, you have got wrong! For example, the Indochina Junk’s fleet and especially Dragon Legend, all cabins are spacious with an average total area of 26.5 square meters and are beautifully decorated in Vietnamese style, all rooms have big windows with gorgeous sea view. With 20 4 star standard bedrooms, a bar with plasma TV and soft seating, 02 large playgrounds, luxury spa and restaurant, Paloma Halong Bay which is designed in the classical Chinese style brings you the feeling of luxurious mystery.

The sophistication and glamour of Halong Bay cruises’ team with the team work of many people openness – love their job give guests the cozy, relaxed and pleasant feeling like being in their lovely house and make them really interested in these days discovering Halong Bay’s heritage.

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