For those who want to book hotel online in Vietnam | Halong Bay Airport

For those who want to book hotel online in Vietnam

Be wary when booking hotel in VietnamBe wary when booking hotel in Vietnam

It is likely that you have known a wide selection of opinions about whether it is better to book a hostel or hotel at the last minute to save money or beforehand. Everything from a large number of reviews, to the payment, to the things you need to check in advance is what you need to know about booking online. As well as some things to consider, both of these options have their own benefits. Let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of booking a hotel at the last minute or in advance to know which can help you save more money. Travel indochina Vietnam

Remember to check the prices in advance

Remember to check the prices in advance- source: Internet

As hotel staff is more than likely to sell the room to another person getting into after you, they are not going to be very inclined to lower the rate. They are much more likely to lower their rate for you if the hotel is nearly empty.

Get all your questions ready before calling to book a reservation and again, do not take any longer than really necessary to take the place of the reservation. Being masters at multi-tasking, and just because desk clerks are friendly on the phone (which is their responsibility), does not mean that they have the neither inclination nor enough time to chit chat.

Be wary when booking hotel in VietnamBe wary when booking hotel in Vietnam

Be wary when booking hotel in Vietnam-source: Internet

You can get some less favorite rooms which are offered to all customers at a lower price in most hotels. For instance, there can be an odd shaped room or which is slightly noisy, a guest room with a not-open panoramic view or one near the elevator. You may be able to strike a bargain if you do not mind the small inconvenience.

Figure out how to get the best-value rooms after checking the prices on the room list. According to facilities provided, room prices can vary tremendously even within a hotel. Most places post a room summary that lists each room, its facilities, bed configuration as well as maximum price (for one and for two people), which are sometimes broken down by season (low, middle, high) near their reception desks or on their websites. Mekong river cruises

For those who want to book hotel in Vietnam

For those who want to book hotel in Vietnam-source: Internet

Do not forget to read the extra-bed, tax and breakfast policies. You can see that, in many places, a double bed is cheaper than twins and a bath costs more than a shower, by studying this information. In other words, you can end up paying more for an unneeded tub and twins if you are an inattentive couple who would have been just as satisfied with a shower and a double bed. Besides some online travel booking sites such as Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz, Travelocity and Priceline, you can also book hotels through Travelaxe (, Quikbook ( or, if you want to get a cheap room. Getting a confirmation number and making a printout of any online booking transaction are not a bad idea.

Do not forget to check breakfast policy

Do not forget to check breakfast policy-source: Internet

Booking through an on-the-ground tour agent in Vietnam is another good way to secure an affordable room. Of course, although all travel agents do tack on a fee for their services, this is on top of a very low contract price they have directly negotiated with the hotel. Many report success with small local consolidators, exemplified by the likes of or although Vietnam-based online hotel booking is a singularly dodgy affair.

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