Travel to Halong to tast the best squid dish | Halong Bay Airport

Travel to Halong to tast the best squid dish

Cha muc

Referring to Halong level, people do not forget to remember those famous specialties made from the squid  of the coastal countryside as grilled squid, fried squid  or the tart salad, squid  is a kind of sunshine favorite local diners than four because of the diversity of ways of processing. Join us to learn about these dishes mild. Alova Gold cruise halong bay

The dishes prepared from the finest squid  a sun

A sun baked squid 

A sun baked squid

A sun baked squid -source: internet

Mentions delicacies from a sunny squid can not ignore a baking sun. A sun baked squid dish with a simple way, just spices macerated or even so carried away grilled over charcoal, or alcohol, gas stove is even a sun baking dish delicious squid everyone love .

Tamarind sauce a sunny squid

Tamarind sauce a sunny squid

Tamarind sauce a sunny squid -source: internet

Squid  a tamarind sauce sun is also one of the processing level chosen a popular sunshine. The sweetness of the squid , the dress sour tamarind sauce makes people enjoy can hardly refuse. Dragon Pearl cruises

Dried squid

Dried squid

Dried squid -source: internet

Dried squid is one of the typical seafood of Halong lands many visitors choose to buy as a present after each trip Halong.

Dried squid Halong has many types, different needs of each traveler, which mainly consists of 3 types: type to type and medium type, on average. Dried squid dish was processed through many different stages, but retains its sweetness, chewy flavor and natural deep sea features than the other waters.

To rolls are crispy and chewy squid, people must retire by hand. Squid has been crushed pepper seasoning and sauce broken, bent into small pieces into the pan to taste the hot oil until golden fried cumbersome. Fresh patties from the frying pan into the new fragrance was emitted very seductive nose tingle. Ensure if eaten once you will remember.

Cha muc

Cha muc- source: internet

Halong squid  rolls in the top 50 most famous and delicious dishes are unique delicacies in Vietnam is recognized by the organization Vietnam record. In Halong travel, travelers do not just want to enjoy fried squid specialties of this land as a gift, but also to buy after the trip.

Rolls - one of the delicious dishes served with fried squid Halong

Rolls – one of the delicious dishes served with fried squid Halong- source: internet

Guests can choose to buy delicious fried squid in the market Halong Cai Dam (like shop is present) and Halong Market 1 (Kim Thoa store, shop Hoai Phuong, …). With specialty gifts rolls squid  formula Ha Long, relatives and friends of travelers and would have enjoyed this bewitching delicacies there.

The Halong enjoy most delicious squid from bring mon delicious taste for your trip.

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