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Top famous “bun moc” stalls in Hanoi, Vietnam

“Bun moc” at Hang Ngang is served with chicken

“Bun moc” is a traditional dish of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a simple dish but it is equally elegant and delicate. Each “bun moc” stalls in Hanoi have a different taste for people choosing. “Bun moc” is needed to have many skills to make a delicious dish but it is still have a traditional flavor and nowhere to have that. Vietnam tours packages

If you have a long time to visit Hanoi, you can go some famous of “bun moc” stalls to enjoy traditional flavor and to know more about cultural culinary.

  1. “Bun moc” with chicken at Hang Ngang street:

In the afternoon, you can see at Hang Ngang sidewalk noodle restaurant grows a tasty “impeccably well “, anyone enjoy one also can’t forget. “Bun moc” and chicken, served with the most delicious shoots but must include members grow meat. Each bowl noodle have  “moc” only about 3 capsules but reached right at the quality criteria.

“Bun moc” at Hang Ngang is served with chicken

“Bun moc” at Hang Ngang is served with chicken

“Bun moc” is  here as long as soaking not friable , very sweet meat , mushrooms very much ,you can  bite to see a different, crunchy mushrooms regurgitate things taste sweet, very suitable. Chicken is also tasty meats, stocky, dark sweet, leather fastened some flesh, crispy chewy closely . Eat chicken here see things pale industrial chicken, difficulty swallowing conventional soft friable to be. North Vietnam travel tours

  1. “Bun moc” at Bao Khanh:

“Bun moc” is served with a lot of material, besides there are oval chicken, silk rolls cinnamon rolls, shiitake. The broth of this stall is very fragrant, very sound, always just mouth by real sweet tasty broth from joints rather like the “Bun”, other than the noodle seasoning, seasoning salt to attempt to create a sweet dish.

“Bun moc” at Bao Khanh corner

“Bun moc” at Bao Khanh corner

  1. “Bun moc” at Dong Xuan market:

This stall has around 20 years of seniority with noodle dishes sprouting strange weather. Quality food at moderate stop but beautiful position with very cheap price makes many people choose this location is frequented. Meat grown big, but not sweet chewy meat .Bring bold and sweet taste water infiltration. The broth is not too tasty, just right, and easy to eat enough.

In the famous restaurant shoots sprouting chicken noodle soup. Members are still growing fragrant mushroom, crispy chewy black mushrooms and sausage of soft living noodle shop but being combined with sliced ​​chicken and dry cement instead of pork leg meat. This unique combination brings about unexpected blend, attracting many people.

“Bun moc” at Dong Xuan market

“Bun moc” at Dong Xuan market

You can try one or all of stalls if you have more time in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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