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Top dishes you must try in Nam Dinh, Vietnam

Chopsticks noodle

Nam Dinh is not large but covers an area of food culture is very rich, with simple dishes, rustic. There are top dishes you must try in Nam Dinh, Vietnam.

  1. Xiu Pao cake

Xiu Pao cake shells as soft and fragrant pies but rather, can be peeled off in thin layers. Raw materials mainly include wheat bread, meat, eggs, flour, lard and some spices characteristic depending on how each family heirloom. For delicious cakes, meat is often marinated tenderloin with minced garlic, five spice powder, oyster sauce, honey and fried until it turns off cockroaches and fragrant. Indochina travel in Vietnam

Xiu Pao cake

Xiu Pao cake – source:

  1. Nem Giao Thuy

Nem Giao Thuy processing picky. Immediately after surgery, still hot meat is processed immediately, absolutely not be placed on the ground or wash with cold water takes ductility meat, delicious. After filtering separate packaging and lean, lean meat portion to be boiled or even pale, and then to the state, along the grain of truth to thin, then use a knife slowly until soft.

Nem Giao Thuy

Nem Giao Thuy – source:

While the packaging, made of hair with hot water, boiled and sliced thin, finely chopped so long, and are white. Ball and spring rolls are wrapped vo should be done to eating out and Roll fig leaf directly or fish sauce. North Vietnam travel tours

  1. Chopsticks noodle

Nam Dinh chopsticks vermicelli noodles looked nearly identical in the south, with the first strand as thick as chopsticks, white, food is often sold on the sidewalk. Water used for chopsticks bun is the Crab, a little sour, sweet greasy and dark. Crab pot is always flowing with astronauts fat yellow, iridescent little crab, a few dried chili distillation.

Chopsticks noodle

Chopsticks noodle – source:

Crab pot always present well-sinking crab stuffing junk, new look saw neighbors from foam, sweet. Chopsticks vermicelli served with vegetables which is abundant, could be spinach, vegetables or vegetables or add a little to withdraw sprout. Those familiar address for this dish is surprised at the market, or fair Hang Dong Rong.

  1. Lychee cake

Lychee names not by bread made from fresh longan, which comes from the shape of the wheel, such as yellow and round Lychee, made from traditional materials such as glutinous rice Hai Hau, egg, sugar, lard … grinding or pounding sticky rice into powder, mixed with fresh chicken eggs, squeeze it into small cubes and fry moderate fire, with white lines form the “mantle” outside. Egg cake flavor, sweetness of sticky plastic, slightly crunchy exterior, is very interesting snacks while enjoying the tea.

Lychee cake

Lychee cake – source:

  1. Kenh village rolls

Kenh village rolls made from rice village plastics, powders do not soak too long because the cake will sour, pasty, when coated dab a thin layer of dough, but all. Want bread with toughness, thin and brittle, so long wheel hard the challenge is not a small amount of powder.

Kenh village rools

Kenh village rools – source:

Previously when people often put bread coated on the lotus leaf cake looks delicious banana leaves and dots eye with no sauce. Nowadays, it is common for eating slices to bold taste aromatic cinnamon rolls. Food through life has been preserved Kenh village to taste is not constant over time, is to please even the most discerning guest.

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