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The beauty of village in crop

The beauty in the harvesting rice time

Vietnam immediately captivates travelers with its rich heritage and striking natural beauty. Agriculture is highly dependent on natural condition (climate, soil, water), specifically in tropical regions. Vietnam is one of world’s richest agricultural regions and is the second-largest (after Thailand) exporter worldwide and the world’s seventh-largest consumer of rice. The mid-climate weather in Vietnam is a good condition for the rice developing. It can be told that the charming regions begins new rice season. Coming to Vietnam in 2 periods of time in the year, the one is when the rice started growing and turning yellow. You can see more: Halong bay Paradise cruise

Talking about the beauty of village in crop, I bet that a lot of people think immediately about the terraced fields in pouring water season in the North of Vietnam, especially in Mu Cang Chai or Sapa. In the beginning of rice crop, the villages look like an amazing natural picture with countless bright color. Stand out among the sky, white clouds, surrounded by the high mountain, when the yellow color started stretch from the top to the top down to the feet, appear in front of your eyes, it will be one of the best moments you ever never seen before. Coming to Mu Cang Chai or Sapa in the mid of September to October, this is the time for harvesting rice. Visitors always flock to the Northern region at that time in order to capture the most beautiful image of villages and locals people here. No vast in size like some paddies in the Mekong Delta area, yellow terraced fields in the North overlap from layer to layer as a stair to reach the high sky. No one can pass through them without stopping to take a look and take some photos as a beautiful shoot for their album. Sapa homestay tours

The beauty in the harvesting rice time

The beauty in the harvesting rice time -source: internet

Say goodbye to the North of Vietnam, the village in the rural area has quite different beauty. Visitors coming to Vietnam that time will have the opportunity to experience a typical Vietnamese agricultural village at its busiest time of the year.  In the crop, going through some small roads, you can smell the scent of straw which is dried under the sunshine. In the crop, just look the lively scene around the village, you will think all the hard working farmers have been on the field since very early morning to harvest rice. Conical hat, shoulder pole or sickles are indispensable tools for Vietnamese farmers. Somewhere on the small roads in the village, you will see an image the farmers in their old clothes, wear conical hat, bring the grins back home by the cow cart. The noisy from harvesters, from threshing machines disturb the peaceful scene in rural village. Coming to Vietnam that time, not only have chance to find out more about the beauty of village in crop, but also have a chance to be a real Vietnamese farmer by joining the harvesting day tour organized by Indochina Voyage. For more information, reach.

The village is died by the yellow color of straw

The village is died by the yellow color of straw- source: internet

Experience the simply life of Vietnamese villages in crop, don’t forget to try some outdoor activities. In the sunset, nothing is as interesting as flying kite over immense rice fields, scenic grass dykes alongside the flowing river. The kites flying on some old roofs look like giant rice seeds, sounding bass melodies. It is not only a centuries-old game for all ages, it is the way to make the farmers who are working very hard on the paddies feel more pleasant. All of these make a rustic simplicity for villages here!

In crop, the paddies become the playground for children

In crop, the paddies become the playground for children- source: internet

The Vietnamese village seem to be more bustling when it paddies are in crop. The harvesting rice season just last for 2 weeks. So if you don’t want to miss these beautiful pictures, let’s take a chance to visit Vietnam that time. Surely you will have unforgettable memories.

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