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The beauty of Bai Dong- Halong

Bai Dong Halong
Being one of the natural Wonder of the World, Halong Bay is where travelers can enjoy an imposing and impressive natural landscape. What makes Halong have twice been honored as world natural heritage by UNESCO was the factors of history, geology and landscapes. Halong Dragon Pearl Junk
Bai Dong Halong

Bai Dong Halong- source: internet

In the near future, the beauty of Dragon’s Eye Island can be exploited for ecotourism combined with many interesting water sport activities such as camping, pontoon boats, flying boats, kayaking, barbecue, etc. The restrain is there is no hygiene problem and fresh water, tourists coming here usually have to prepare all food, drinks on the mainland and clean all waste before leaving.

Currently, besides the usual means of transportation, you can also experience a new choice for luxury and modern seaplane of Hai Au company, the aircraft with 12 seats for passengers, 2 pilots seat and spacious windows, not only helping save travel time, but also giving them a chance to comfortably admire the incredible beauty of Halong Bay from above, to record beautiful moments of the bay from a height of from 150 to 3,000 meters above sea level.

The beauty of Bai Dong Halong

The beauty of Bai Dong Halong- source: internet

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Referring to the city of Ha Long (Quang Ninh), people often think of Ha Long Bay – natural wonders of the world, stretches of white sand beaches or seafood restaurants, but few know a win. The scene is equally attractive, a destination for those who love to take a little adventure, want to explore the city on the edge of the bay from a different perspective, to be able to feel the fullest beauty. The vastness of both the sky and the North Sea. That is Bai Tho Mountain.

The trail to the summit is relatively steep, with steps, but there is a cliff to cling to. Even the entrance to the foot of the mountain is quite hard to find, just a small lane lying between the rows of houses close to.

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