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Discovering The Amazing Phu Quoc Night Market

Night market in Phu Quoc is one of amazing local activities

Phu Quoc is a great resort, sightseeing, and discovery site. This famous national destination is attractive with marverlous natural beaches, special pearls and fresh seafood dishes . Phu Quoc is truly a jewel on the map of Vietnam. Located in the center of Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc night market is considered a shopping center, dining,

Phu Quoc honey moon tour_Part 2

Dining on the beach

If the precious article gives some suggestions for some newlywed couple who are novelty-seeking, this one is delicately written for those who just want to have some sea and sun,  enjoy relaxing time with their playful buddies and escaping the time. If you are the one, I’m sure Phu Quoc main land suits you perfectly.

Phu Quoc honey moon tour_Part 1

Dining on the beach

Part 1 of this series is gracefully written for young couples who love adventures while enjoying a wonderfully romantic moments. Near Phu Quoc is an amazing heaven, which is rarely visited by tourists due to the distance between this Eden and mother island. This is An Thoi. Travel to Phu Quoc with: Tours Indochina and

Phu Quoc Island attractions

Duong Dong Market

Not only limited to its stunning beaches, Phu Quoc Island attractions also extends to Buddhist shrines, historical sites and fishing villages that have stayed the test of time. In spite of the rise of high-end beach resorts, international dining venues and modern facilities, during their holiday, travelers can still enjoy plenty of sightseeing chances. Pelican cruise