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The Strange Stream In Mui Ne, Binh Thuan

Discovering Fairy Stream in summer time
Not in the clear, murmuring, Fairy Stream in Mui Ne impression by the beautiful orange-red water. Walking to the foot of the stream spring water makes travellers like to shake off all the troubles in life. The Strange Stream In Mui Ne, Binh Thuan will tell you a story of beautiful Fairy Stream- a new attraction to travellers. For more information, you can click: Best Indochina tours

The magical Fairy Stream in Mui Ne

The magical Fairy Stream in Mui Ne- source: internet

Suoi Tien is a name that is quite strange to travellers to Mui Ne. However, in recent years this stream has been spread by many people because beauty is like the scene. Indeed, unlike any stream in our country, Fairy Streams are distinguished by the reddish-brown color of the sand.

It is called a stream but in fact it is a small stream near Hon Rom, due to hidden behind the sand hill so not everyone knows. So, to go to Fairy Stream you have to find a way to Huynh Thuc Khang (Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet), then ask the people here the entrance to the stream.

Fairy Stream is not flowing swiftly but drifting gently, high on the ankle, deepest not too knee. Therefore, travellers here often carry shoes, walk barefoot in the sparkling stream of orange, to feel the cool even when it is on fire. At the foot of the fine white sand, the water pacifies each other – a different feel between the sand desert around.

Discovering Fairy Stream in summer time

Discovering Fairy Stream in summer time- source: internet

After the first 300 m, the place is ready for the scene as before. The fountains of red streams are the sand hewn, grinded by the hand of the “waterman”, which makes the towers look like monstrous shapes, sometimes as giant reliefs, varying in lines. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to return to Fairy Stream, you will feel extremely fresh as the first foot. vietnam travel packages

Along the stream, there are many paths up the sand hill. You can go there to see the panorama of Fairy Stream from above. One side is the green coconut bowl, over the sand wall two colors. The rain, the abrasive winds help to emulsify the sunshine, directing the sky to look like the towering castle.

The panaroma view of Fairy Stream

The panaroma view of Fairy Stream- source: internet

In the opposite direction, you will see a small waterfall. From here, travelers can return to their old town or continue to explore the sand path along the mountainside.

Belonging to the land in favor of nature (Binh Thuan), Fairy Stream attracts travellers near and far to visit for four warm sunny seasons. If the summer sky is as golden as pouring honey, the green coconut trees together with green flowers in the spring. Spring comes, grapefruit flowers, lemon flower grows on the banks of blooming bounty, racing incense, causing travelers to stop smoking in the wind.

The painting scenery of Fairy Stream

The painting scenery of Fairy Stream- source: internet

Come here, travellers are immersed in pure pristine beauty, when even footprints are washed away by the stream. It only takes about an hour for the Fairy Stream to explore, but many people still spend a day for fun in the foreground. After wading through the stream and watching the “no” eye, you can visit the farm near Fairy Stream to ride the ostrich with laughter.

With Fairy Stream, Phan Thiet as new, attractive with local people and travellers. Discovering Fairy Stream takes only about an hour. However, many people spend all day to reach Fairy Stream in many different places. Someone came back to explore the next day. Fairy Stream will always be an interesting destination for tourists, is a unique tourist products to visitors to Phan Thiet has an option in the blue sea, white sand.

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