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Strange destinations cannot be ignored in Thailand

Travelers relax on European

Thailand is no longer an unfamiliar tourism destination for international visitors who love Asia, but it is unlikely that tourists fully explore the beauty of Thailand. In addition to famous spots such as Chao Phraya River, golden pagodas, wonderful beaches… Thailand also has Mimosa City, Ananta Samakhom Palace and Vineyard, which are quite strange and little known by foreigners. Indochina tours to Thailand

Mimosa City

Also known as the city of love, Mimosa is one of the top 10 cities of love in the world according to motif of the city of love – Colmar (France). Most visitors are attracted by a space filled with tiny clusters of flowers, lovely man-made canals and French-styled architectural buildings with vines climbing along romantic railings.


Mimosa- source: internet

Coming to Mimosa – a small European city in the heart of  tropical beach city – Pattaya, visitors can enjoy walking along the roads full of blooming flowers, sip a cool glass of wine;  exotic outdoor performance combining with exotic music; shopping, trying Thai delicacies at friendly stalls or playing with lovely sheep. When travelers are fatigue, they can sit on European-styled chairs down the aisle to relax and contemplate spectacular views of this area. Together with already popular destinations, Mimosa is a great place for visitors who prefer new, strange, deserted destinations in Indochina tours Thailand.

Travelers relax on European

Travelers relax on European- source: internet

The palace was once called as White Palace built by King Rama V in 1907 and completed in 1915 under King Rama VI. Ananta Samakhom is a unique architecture with interference between Italian Renaissance and traditional Thai architecture shown by curved, pointed top. The dome is prominent with a mural of royal events from the reign of Rama I to Rama VI. Both two floors of the palace were paved of marble. Thailand tours packages

Inside Ananta Samakhom Palace

Inside Ananta Samakhom Palace- source: internet

Inside the palace are 24 small areas displaying exquisite carvings which were elaborately crafted to imitate royal items such as the throne, seat on the elephant’s back, king’s dragon boat. When people visit this destination, they must comply with strict dress code: no short clothes and woman must wear sarong before entering the palace.

Ananta Samakhom Palace at night

Ananta Samakhom Palace at night- source: internet

Hua Hin Vineyard

Coming to Hua Hin, tourists will totally delight in an interesting destination with large, fresh space spreading across 1,200ha area. People can take a tour around by car. Visiting the vineyards, picking ripe grapes by hands and tasting fresh flavor right from the trees.

Grape fields include rows of straight lines, alternating with flower beds, flower baskets, flower tables and chairs, flower walls with artificial lakes would certainly bring to visitors feeling of relaxing and peaceful in a green, gentle and idyllic space. There is also a large store that displays and sells high-qualified products made from grapes as follows: grape juice, grape candy, grape jams… Hua Hin Vineyard is a new, strange tourist attraction key in Thailand to foreigners.

Grape fields in Hua Hin, Thailand

Grape fields in Hua Hin, Thailand- source: internet

If you have free time but do not know where to go in new places and want to explore different countries, Thailand is really a wonderful country. You can refer the list above to choose special   sightseeing places. Instead of coming to famous yet too crowded and commercialized destinations in Thailand, these are new attractions in Thailand for those who favor peaceful and pristine atmosphere.

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