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Some places to visit in Saigon

Ho Con Rua (Turtle Lake) is an ideal place for couples to taste Ca Phe Bet and date

Saigon, Hanoi is the two biggest cities of Vietnam. Travelling to Vietnam, enjoying specialties and visiting whole the scenes of Hanoi without discovering Saigon, you will be regarded as you have never traveled to Vietnam. Today I will take you to Saigon and visit some highlight destinations in Saigon. Travel Indochina Vietnam

The post office in Saigon center

This is one of typical architecture of Saigon. It is located in No.2, Cong Xa Paris Road in the district 1. This office was built around the time from 1886–1891 by French people based on the design of architect Villedieu. This architectural work is the combination between European and Asian architecture styles.

The post office in Saigon center

The post office in Saigon center- source: internet

The outside and in front of the post office, it is divided into many rectangles. On these rectangles, there has the name of inventors in telegraph and electricity sector. Moreover, there have the images of men and women wearing laurels on the faces of these rectangles. There also has a big clock on the center arc of the post office. Going inside of the post office, you will see 2 high walls, and 2 that walls are 2 history map names: Saigon et ses environs, 1892 and Lignes télégraphiques du Sud Vietnam et du Cambodge, 1936 (in French).

Notre Dame Cathedral

It is in No.1, Cong Xa Paris Road, Ben Nghe ward in district 1. Notre Dame Cathedral is an unique architecture work of Saigon. This Cathedral is one of many attractive destinations of tourists when they travelling to Vietnam. It was built from materials that were imported from France. Notre Dame Cathedral was built in 1877 and it was finished in 3 years. It is long 91 meters, wide 35.5 meters. Its dome is high 21 meters and 57 meters is the height of 2 bell towers.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon

Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon-source: internet

Notre Dame Cathedral has a bell system that included 6 bells with the weight up to 30 tons. These bells are in 2 bell towers that are high 58 meters. There has a ladder to get the bell towers of Cathedral with the wide about 40 centimeters.

Stunning beauty inside Notre Dame Cathedral

Stunning beauty inside Notre Dame Cathedral -source: internet

Visiting the City Theatre

The City Theatre or Opera House was built in 1897. It is located in the end of Le Loi Road. It has the facade overlooking Lam Son Square and Dong Khoi Street in District 1 in Saigon. It has ancient majestic architecture. It includes one ground floor and two floors above. There have 1,800 chairs with a modern system of sound and light equipped inside. The Theatre is located in a convenient position so it is considered as a versatile center theater. There have many theatrical art performances and important events are held in the City Theatre. The city theatre is the oldest opera house that was designed according to European architecture until now in Saigon.

The City Theatre is sparkling in night

The City Theatre is sparkling in night-source: internet

 Ban Nguyet Lake and Anh Sao Bridge

Ban Nguyet Lake and Anh Sao Bridge are in Ton Dat Tien Road, Phu My Hung ward, district 7 in Saigon. Walking around Ban Nguyet Lake and Anh Sao Bridge will make you feel that you are walking in luxury modern cities in abroad. There just have some passers-by around this lake in daytime, however; when the night comes, Ban Nguyet Lake and Anh Sao bridge are ideal places for couples, groups of friends, families to breath fresh air, admire sparkling golden lights around there. Especially, Anh Sao Bridge with 154 meters long is designed curved shape like the Moon, there have so many LED lights that continuously change colors as if the fragile thread that spans the lake. This makes the lake more sparkling and magical. Luxury cruises

Ban Nguyet Lake is colorful at night

Ban Nguyet Lake is colorful at night-source: internet

You can enjoy delicious foods in the restaurants in Ton Dat Tien Road (nearby Ban Nguyet Lake) like sea food spaghetti, barbeque, hotdog, green tea yogurt, dim sum with your friends or lover, telling jokes or interesting experiences, recalling your sweet memories…  when you see Ban Nguyet Lake in night. It is so great.

Visiting Tunnels in Cu Chi- heroic historical relics of Vietnam in Saigon

Cu Chi Tunnel has been preserved in 2 places:

– Ben Duoc Tunnel is in Phu Hiep Township, Phu My Hung commune, Cu Chi district in Saigon. This tunnel was recognized as National Culture Historic Landmark by Ministry of Culture in April 29th 1979.

– Ben Dinh Tunnel is in Ben Dinh Township, Nhuan Duc commune, Cu Chi district of Saigon. This tunnel was also recognized as National Culture Historic Landmark by Ministry of Culture in December 15th 2004.

Cu Chi Tunnel is in Cu Chi district and far from Saigon center about 50 kilometers to the Northwest. These tunnels were built in the war in 1946 or 1946 (referred to some other document). These tunnel systems include clinic, many rooms for living, kitchen, storage, rooms for working and subway system underground. This tunnel system is long 250 kilometers and has ventilation systems in the places of the bushes. This tunnel system is the result of smart and creative Vietnamese people in the war. Cu Chi’s tunnels have welcome more than 20 million visitors until the early of 2016. Cu Chi’s tunnels are regarded as masterpiece in the history of Vietnamese Military.

This model is to re-create a part of war in Vietnam in the century XX

This model is to re-create a part of war in Vietnam in the century XX-source: internet

Visiting Ben Thanh market

If Hanoi is famous for Dong Xuan market, people in Saigon are proud of Ben Thanh market. People say that you can buy anything in Ben Thanh market. Ben Thanh market is always busy during the day. Walking around Ben Thanh market, shopping and exploring this market have become an integral part of Saigon tours.

Ben Thanh market is in 30 Phan Boi Chau Road, Ben Thanh commune, district 1 of Saigon. It was built in 1870. It used to be named Les Halles Centrales (in French) at first. In 1912, it had been renamed into Ben Thanh. It had been through many historic events, it is one of the markets that has the longest history in Saigon.

The gate of Ben Thanh market in night

The gate of Ben Thanh market in night-source: internet

Ben Thanh market is the cultural symbol of Saigon. Moreover, you can find and buy anything (from ordinary goods to luxury products) such as food, clothes, jewelry, house ware, spices, souvenirs, electrics products… with high quality.

After visiting some highlight places in Saigon, you will certainly want to have something to drink, spend time to rest and talk with your friends in your trip. So let’s find out somewhere to taste “Cà phê bệt” (Bệt coffee) – a popular beverage in Saigon. South Vietnam Travel

Ca Phe Bet (Cà phê bệt)

Travelling to Vietnam, tourists are surely familiar to Ca Phe Bet (Cà Phê Bệt) in Saigon and Danang. Bet (Bệt) is defined that when we sit on the ground, sit on pavement, sit on the grass in the park… without chair or sit on anything and our butt is tangent with the ground or grass. And “Ca Phe Bet” phrase (Cà Phê Bệt) has already showed us how to taste a cup of Ca Phe Bet (Cà Phê Bệt). We drink a cup of coffee in the park, on the pavement, on the streets; we don’t drink coffee in coffee shops. This is an interesting way to taste this rustic drink.

When we mention to “Cà phê bệt”, many people think that it is the name of a street or an exactly address. In fact, you can easily have a cup of coffee Bet (Ca Phe Bet) in anywhere in Saigon; however; you can get more fun if you taste Ca Phe Bet in Han Thuyen, in Ho Con Rua (Turtle Lake), in The City Theatre.

Meeting friends, tasting Ca Phe Bet in the park- an interesting habit in Saigon

Meeting friends, tasting Ca Phe Bet in the park- an interesting habit in Saigon-source: internet

– Cà Phê Bệt in Han Thuyen: This address is in a corner of 30.4 park (April 30th Park) in Han Thuyen Road, district 1. Most of people who come here to taste Ca Phe Bet are young people; they go into group and have many exciting activities such as playing the guitar, singing or learning in group. It is so fun for you when you want to know more about Saigon through contacting and talking with young enthusiastic people and enjoying Ca Phe Bet with them there.

Besides coffee, there have many other beverage and snacks for you to choose like coconut, passion fruit, soft drink and other fruits.

– Ca Phe Bet in Ho Con Rua (Turtle Lake): Turtle Lake is the name of a popular artificial fountain is located in the junction of three roads: Vo Van Tan, Pham Ngoc Thach and Tran Cao Van Street, in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. This is a romantic place to date or meet friends. In night, there have many colorful sparkling lights; fountain is sometimes turned on so this place is always attractive to people especially young people in Saigon. It is also an ideal place for people who would like taste rustic foods of Saigon. Besides providing Ca Phe Bet, there have so many other foods such as crab soup, white rice soup, baked corn, baked squid, fried fish ball, coconut juice…

Ho Con Rua (Turtle Lake) is an ideal place for couples to taste Ca Phe Bet and date

Ho Con Rua (Turtle Lake) is an ideal place for couples to taste Ca Phe Bet and date-source: internet

Saigon is the largest city of Vietnam. Traveling to Saigon, besides some highlight places as mentioned above, you should spend time on visiting some other places such as Saigon riverside, Nguyen Hue Road, Pho Tay (Phố Tây- The street where have many foreigners live), Binh Tay market, Vietnam History Museum and enjoying Ca Phe Bet with relatives and friends in this active and modern city. You will feel the vibrant atmosphere there. Don’t forget to try experience pedicab (Xich Lo) service there.

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