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With many things to plan for your memorable wedding, stress out about your honeymoon may be the last thing you want to do. Combining pampering with travel — the holiday is in the destinations and onboard the ship, cruises make excellent honeymoons. Forget honeymoons on land; Halong Bay cruise ships have chef restaurants, spas, swanky bars and culinary classes, all with the sea as your stunning backdrop.Full of glamour, adventure, and romantic seascapes, Halong Bay is certainly one of the most seductive and exotic locations around the globe. Among a large number of cruise ships in Halong Bay, Signature Cruise is a romantic spot, which lovebirds all around the world – who want to run away to once the wedding day has passed, dream of.


Signature Cruise outstands among Halong Bay cruises

Signature Cruise outstands among Halong Bay cruises- source: internet

Halong Bay, Vietnam is an aquatic heaven of adventure with opportunities for all styles of traveling. However, your trip to Halong Bay cannot be complete without a cruise highlighting all the extraordinary things that this stunning bay has to offer. Take a shuttle bus or seaplane from Hanoi for one day or longer and discover Halong Bay in all its glory.

In spite of a variety of water sports like kayaking, snorkeling and swimming, there is nothing better and more fascinating than diving from a cruise ship. This interesting activity gives you an amazing chance to explore great limestone caves, spectacular grottos and colorful fishing villages as up close and personal as possible.

When you sit down to choose and plan the schedule for your upcoming holiday in Vietnam, an excursion to Halong Bay is one of the very first things you should consider. Halong Bay, as a World Natural Heritage site recognized by UNESCO and one of the most splendid destinations in Vietnam, is outstanding as a necessary as well as a not-to-be-missed place. All the cruises can be directly booked through their official websites. There are many good choices for you to choose. Don’t worry about the cruise availability!

Signature Cruise-best honeymoon cruise

Signature Cruise-best honeymoon cruise- ource: internet

No matter what kind of travelers you are: a romantic couple looking to make new memories; a family looking to spend time together or a solo traveler looking for new mates, Halong Bay cruises are a spellbinding chance that you should not miss.

Depending on your time frame and availability, Signature cruise offers reasonable rates for two or three night trips. Dominating the décor of all cabins, which are paved in hardwood floors, is the creamy white fabric. All rooms are equipped with a private Jacuzzi – a perfect place for newlyweds to enjoy all days and nights together.

This cruise will accentuate the positives of any passionate pair no matter what you want to do from venturing out to the caves and grottos to going swimming in the magical sea or cozying up to the bar in the evening.


Honeymoon & Wedding Offer

Why A Signature Wedding?

Signature service

Signature service- source: internet

Signature cruise staffs are experts at creating unforgettable and professional holiday in Halong Bay!

Halong Bay Signature Cruise is an ideal place to celebrate your Honeymoon & Wedding Offer. They will be willing to help you to plan and have once-of-a-lifetime experience for you, your beloved partner and for your guests on your own special day. Signature Cruise’s wedding is capable of accommodating the maximum of 40 people.

Signature crews are here to make this special enjoyable moment in your life as much as possible. It is ideal to unwind and spend a relaxing and romantic honeymoon after so long planning a wedding Signature cruise, which was voted as one of the best Halong Bay cruises for Honeymoon & Wedding Offer.

Signature Cruise is not only for your wedding, but also for your honeymoon!

Honeymoon & Wedding Offer dining:

Honeymoon & Wedding Offer dining

Honeymoon & Wedding Offer dining- source: internet

You can choose to select from the planned-by-yourself menu or Signature special occasions menu prepared by the well-trained chef and kitchen staff. You can opt for a private romantic table in your suite or on the deck or dine in the dining room with other guests.

What’s included?

  • Breakfast option in your suite
  • Greetings Card
  • Flowers
  • Cake
  • Wine
  • Fruit basket
  • Candles
  • A special gift from Signature Halong Cruise
  • A unique photo shoot (sent to your email)
  • Specially decorated suite

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