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Sightseeing in Phu Quoc

Gieng Ngu

Situated in Thailand Bay, Phu Quoc – the largest island of Vietnam, is a place where you can see many awesome scene and lovely animals/plants. Phu Quoc has much more to offer than what tourists often do: the daily bungalow-beach-restaurant-beach-bungalow circuit for days on end. With a map and a motorbike, you can create your unforgettable memories by joining in loads of exploring here. Travel Indochina Vietnam

The Magic Well

A small temple

A small temple- Source:

Located 2 km away from An Thoi Ward, Gieng Ngu, the Magic Well, is not only a historical site but also mysterious attraction that you should not miss once coming to Phu Quoc.

In the 17th century, on running away from Tay Son troops, due to a shortage of fresh water, Lord Nguyen and his army got thirsty. As coming to the water source, Lord Nguyen dug the sword down in the ground and a flow of fresh water surprisingly appeared. This is the reason why the place was named as the King’s Well or the Magic Well, Gieng Ngu.

Gieng Ngu

Gieng Ngu- Source:

Incredible landscapes of a lake with evergreen and mountainous backgrounds here on the island definitely make all visitors satisfied. Reaching the mountain, visitors can see a pink stone armchair, also called as the King’s armchair together with a small temple. And you can also see a stele marked “The King’s Sword” to show the mark where the water came out after the sword reached the ground, as you approach the Magic Well.

Some tours visiting the Southern Island of Phu Quoc include the Magic Well. It is possible to get to the Magic Well either on your own by renting a motorbike or to book a package tour.

Tranh Stream

Tranh Stream

Tranh Stream- Source:

Once getting an opportunity to drop by Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc Island district, Tranh Stream, which is a terrific spot, is what tourists should not miss out. Originating from Ham Ninh Mountain, the 15km long stream flows through divergent terrain in the forests to create many stunning waterfalls. Flowing down in the greenery of the forest, the beautiful waterfalls will surely draw a dreamlike scene in front of the eyes of all tourists. The name Tranh (picture) may stem from the magnificent gorgeousness of the both surrounding scenery and stream.

Just 15 minute motorbike drive far away from Duong Dong town, Tranh Stream is a perfect place for camping trips and relaxing picnics at the weekend. Taking along some foods, setting up a camp by the picturesque stream before walking into the forest for stunning sight-seeing, fauna and flora or bird watching are some popular interesting activities that campers can do.  Follow the available small paths with rocky steps along the stream or hike through the forest on their own way, is much more interesting for visitors to do. A grotto named “Hang Doi” (Grotto of Bat), which is 200 meters high on the mountain and the home to amazing stalactites is supposed to be the next inviting site for travelers, after a long hiking trip admiring orchid’s beauty and enjoying birds’ songs. Then, before coming back the camp for lunch at noon, they will possibly plunge into the cool stream for relaxation.

Plunge into cool stream for relaxation

Plunge into cool stream for relaxation- Source:

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