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What to do in September in Halong Bay

Cua Van Floating Village
While temperatures are warm and rainfall is beginning to reduce, going and seeing Cua Van Floating Village, which is a point of interest and a must see, is a great day out to do. Make sure to go and see it while it still inhabited as the local government are trying their best to relocate those living in the floating village onto land. It is truly stunning to observe how the villagers of the floating community live and children go to school; it is an amazing experience you will remember during your lifetime. Treasure Junk halong bay

Cua Van Floating Village

Cua Van Floating Village- source: internet

Visit the Halong Pearl which is a specialty gift shop situated in Halong Bay if you love to do a bit of shopping and buy souvenirs to always bring back memories. You will have a chance to see pearls in all their most natural beauty with the shop owners and have these welcoming and friendly staff show you just how these beautiful pearls are formed and get these pearls at the most reasonable price.

Hit the Beach In September

Hit the beach in September

Hit the beach in September- source: internet

Head to the Tuan Chau Island which has a glorious beach to enjoy if you are a beach lover and want a good swim in the sea when going on holiday. Ask around the different cruise companies as you can get to this3km artificial beach on one of the day cruises. You will have plenty of activities to do on and around the beach as well as relax and take in the magnificent scenery sitting all around you.

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