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How to save money when traveling in Vietnam

Haggling experience in Vietnam
In spite of its surge in popularity as a tourist destination in recent years, Vietnam, which is a charming and fascinating country, can still be seen on a tight budget. To get more information, you can click: Indochina travel Vietnam

  1. Eat local food
Street food in Vietnam is not expensiveStreet food in Vietnam is not expensive

Street food in Vietnam is not expensive- source: internet

Over the past few years, Vietnam has become a hugely favorite popular travel destination, and consequently, there are so many hostels and restaurants serving Western food (at Western rates) – but, as local street food is cheap, delicious, and cooked in front of you, it is rarely worth the extra cost! Not only being one of the best ways to munch and slurp your way through the many different kinds of Vietnamese cuisine, eating at street stalls is also incredibly cheap. It costs just under $2 (£1.23) a bowl of Pho, a tasty rice noodle broth and similar price for rice dishes. Charging under $5 (around £3) for similar dishes, generally, local restaurants are only marginally more expensive.

  1. Drink bia hoi
Drink Bia Hoi in Vietnam

Drink Bia Hoi in Vietnam- source: internet

With a bottle of Tiger or Saigon costing around only $1, beer in Vietnam is cheap. However, bia hoi is a much cheaper alternative. Bia hoi, often dubbed the world’s cheapest beer, is a draught beer brewed freshly on the day and served from a container or keg on the street side. What is better than taking a seat on a street corner lined with plastic chairs and locals and enjoying this kind of cheap and cheerful beer? It is worth your 15-30 cents for a great place to sit and observe the world go by. Tours in Vietnam

  1. Refine the haggling art
Haggling experience in Vietnam

Haggling experience in Vietnam- source: internet

Vietnam has recently gained itself a notorious reputation amongst travelers. Although the travelling experiences of each person are not the same and many leave Vietnam with nothing yet great things to say about this beautiful country. Selling tactics in Vietnam seems to be more aggressive and confrontational than the ones used in other countries in Southeast Asia. If you are tourist, expect to spend much more than how much the service or item is. However, instead of feeling intimidated or taking it personally, be confident and find the best ways to haggle. In many cases, simply knowing when to walk away from a sale or learning a little Vietnamese can work well.

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