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How to rent a car for foreigner

Check the car thoroughly before
Foreigners in Vietnam as car rental will surely want to face many difficulties and inconvenience of how to find a reputable car rental address, good price, dedicated service for your journey.

Car rental credit for foreigners

Car rental credit for foreigners- source: internet

Car rental services self drive in Vietnam is very developed many expatriates preferred to serve the purpose of travel, discover the remote address when no car ownership condition.

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 Find address credit

There are so many companies and individuals for cheap car hire, however, peak usually occurs, the scarcity rents pushed up so high compared to the normal day or out of the car. It is best to find a prestigious address, advance with them both, until you need, always have a car at that price, if there is not also increase substantially compared to the normal day.

Address credit

Address credit- source: internet

Check the car thoroughly before

Because the car is rented to foreigners, it is necessary to carefully check the main car with the front car on the road, did not say anything. You must try all the functions or the use of the car look bad. You should hire a new life, walk it will not be damaged, especially small “events are not damaged or lost money on the road, because” there is no reason to use in the process of damage.

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Check the car thoroughly before

Check the car thoroughly before -source: internet

Check all the legal procedures of the car

There are usually two types of civil liability insurance: compulsory insurance and their own shell. Civil liability insurance mandatory is always have their own private insurance, rent the car shell, if life like a car, vios… Most bosses are buying a car anti-collision car insurance, if the car hit Qu t master or accident, the insurance company will pay for all the expenses of the lessee does not need repair, car costs.

Check the car thoroughly before

Check the car thoroughly before -source: internet

Remember the few rescue phone number

Car rental people should save on the phone a few numbers (can refer to before your friends the prestigious unit) to when the problem is someone solved right away. Prices for cars are counted about 20,000-30,000 VND/km in case of the process of using the car broken unexpectedly.

Give car back

Give car back -source: internet

Currently on the market there are many places to rent cars to foreigners can drive themselves are large-scale companies, with many vehicles, could also just individual rental.  However, maximum benefit remains with the lessor in all circumstances.

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