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The reasons why Halong Bay is well worth your children’s time

Splendid floating villages

Taking the top spot among many amazing scenic places in Vietnam, Halong Bay, which is the jewel in this country’s crown, is an astonishing place of special scientific, cultural and historical interest.

In term of both exploring and learning on the ship, Halong Bay cruise can be an exciting experience for your children. As embarking into a cruise trip, in addition to taking part in age-specific children activities, you will also enjoy tasty dishes of Vietnamese cuisine, relax in very fresh air of the bay and know more about Vietnamese culture. There are some reasons why Halong Bay is well worth your children’s time. Alova cruise halong bay

Take a Cruise in Halong Bay

Take a Cruise in Halong Bay

Take a Cruise in Halong Bay -source: internet

Of course, being on the water is the only way to see the most of Halong Bay. Today, there are hundreds of tour boats plying their trade in this bay. Not only well run and extremely well equipped, most of the boats also offer superb dining and sumptuous accommodation. To spend a few days, it is such a lovely way. It will be one of your life’s truly great experiences sitting on the deck, sipping a stunning cocktail while the boat slips between the spectacular rock karsts as the sun goes down.

Halong Bay’s rich biodiversity

Halong Bay’s rich biodiversity

Halong Bay’s rich biodiversity -source: internet

Almost every child is excited about discovering new things and conquering nature. Once coming to Halong Bay, in addition to many types of floral and fauna, children are also able to explore many pristine caves that remain untouched by human beings. Do not miss to take advantage of the tour guide to delve into the caves, as the cruise ship drops into cave.

Playing on the shore

Children play on shore at Halong Bay

Children play on shore at Halong Bay- source: internet

The shallow water areas of Halong Bay are ideal for some activities such as snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, etc. However, for children, playing with sand on the shore might be the most exciting activity. Taking part in this game, children will have an amazing opportunity to create sand castle as well as raise their imagination.

Mouthwatering food on board

Mouthwatering food on board

Mouthwatering food on board-source Internet

And food should be the most fascinating part of cruise! Besides fresh seafood, there is also a wide range of delicious deserts offered on cruise ship. Made by professional chefs, delicious Vietnamese food such as Vietnamese spring rolls, rice rolled noodle, fried tofu, rice noodle soup, etc will add some unique splendor to your meal. If your children want to try a wide range of tropical fruits, soft drinks and snack, let them enjoy an evening party on deck.

Simply because the food is really excellent, the culinary scene in Halong Bay, which is often overshadowed by the highly popular splendid island, deserves more than that. You can’t help tasting the meatiness of the rich crab meat, the delicate blush of an octopus tentacle, the plump shrimp served in a really light delicate broth made of garlic and clam nectar and garnished with some small slices of juicy limes. speed boat from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh

The splendid floating villages

Splendid floating villages

Splendid floating villages- source: internet

Being a throwback to a time centuries ago, the floating villages of Halong Bay are where people have lived the same way for some generations. The lovely children here know how to swim before they are able to walk and in many cases by the age of four, they have their own small boats. Here, you can see the community formed by the houseboats that make up the villages all fastened together. Besides dwellings, there are a police station, a community center, shops and schools.

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