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Reasons to experience your honeymoon on a Halong Bay Cruise

Special service for honeymooners

With its impressive landscape and seascape of thousands islands in different shapes and sizes rising from the emerald water, Halong Bay is well known as a perfect destination for lovers and honeymooners. For a special start of a couple, a honeymoon on a Halong Bay Cruise is truly an unforgettable experience. Cambodia travel packages

Unique experience to escape from the crowded land

Unique experience to escape from the crowded land

Unique experience to escape from the crowded land -source: internet

Traveling means escaping! To a couple, it is indeed true. Traveling to an absolutely new destination together, they will enjoy what they have not seen and experience before. It’s time for them to experience precious and private moments just for two. To have a special feeling of escape, Halong Bay Cruises is likely to be the best choice. You know for sure it’s the time to celebrate your love, when you are out of the busy and jammed land, spend several days on the calm water to Halong Bay with the partner and immerse in your only happiness.

Romantic atmosphere

Romantic atmosphere

Romantic atmosphere -source: internet

You will feel the close distance and passion to show your love within the small but cozy space of a Halong Bay Cruise. No matter what type of cruise you book for: a non-private cruise or a private one- or two-cabin cruise, you will definitely find your own intimate space on the boat. The alluring atmosphere of a cruise limited in size will make you feel as if this was your own heaven of love. At every corner of the cruise, even in the public areas, you can find your intimate space. You two can admire the awesome sunset over the bay, sunbathe together on lounge chairs on the top deck or enjoy the starry sky from the top deck by night.

High quality service and unique activities

Unique experience

Unique experience -source: internet

The most important trip in your lifetime should be honeymoon. So during your trip, the quality service must be perfect. You need to worry nothing about how logistic and keep your trip fascinating with many interesting activities as most of the Halong Cruises have professional service. During this important occasion, every honeymooner must expect unique experience together. On a Halong Bay Cruise, you two will have amazing chances to try a lot of special activities such as having fun and relaxing on an early morning Tai Chi exercise, exploring the charming bay and natural caves together with double kayak, etc.

Special service for honeymooners

Special service for honeymooners

Special service for honeymooners -source; internet

Not only a honeymooner, you will be a king or queen on a Halong Bay Cruise. In this special occasion, all the staffs know how to treat you well. On some cruises such as Oriental Sails’ Cruise, they even provide a lot of special offers for honeymooners such as special set up & turn down service, surprised party and free cake. A coupon of massage for couples, a private dinner setup everywhere you request, in a hidden cave, on a beach or on sundeck in candle light. mekong river cruise luxury

Offering so many special experiences for lovers during their escape of love, it is no doubt that Halong is the destination for honeymooners. The bay, which has renowned mysterious and romantic beauty, is extremely ideal for couple getaways. A trip on a Halong Bay Cruise, which combines visiting a must-see with celebrating lasting love, is a distinctive choice for couples to Vietnam.

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