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Popular Types of Halong Tourism

Being full of charm, teeming with indigenous culture, steeped with mysterious caves and magically natural beauty, Halong Bay is extremely famous for being one of the most popular destinations for not only Vietnamese tourists but also international travelers.In a year at any time of season, Halong appeals millions of tourists all over the world. If you want to come and indulge in the seducing beauty with the most precious experience, let’s check out some popular types of Halong tourisms and pick one which best suits your preference. If you interest, you can click: Indochina Sails cruise

Types of tourism in Halong Bay

Halong Bay tours

Halong Bay tour

Halong Bay tour- source: internet

Taking part in a Halong Bay tour, travelers will have an opportunity to visit some popular spots such as charming islands, mysterious grottoes and exciting entertainment centers. Moreover, many activities such as: recreation activities on the beach that are organized by tour guides or just lying and reading some amazing books on board are also waiting for travelers to enjoy. Going on a cruise should be the most interesting and popular kind of tours in Halong Bay. From Superior to Luxury Halong Cruises, there is a wide range of cruises in this charming Bay.


Kayaking is thought to be the best way to fully feel Halong Bay’s majesty and explore the cliffs with a large number of wonderful rock tops and dales. Nowadays, kayaking in Halong Bay attracts many interior guests, especially young people. For really active and dynamic travelers, kayaking is an absolutely suitable type of tourism. While padding a kayaking boat, travelers will discover the Bay, explore magnificent karat limestone, mysterious caves. That are all you can expect to join.

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Culture tourism

Culture tourism is an ideal choice for those who want to delve indigenous culture and Halong local people. Take your time to visit and discover the cultural and archaeological values of this charming bay.



Eco-tourism- source: internett

It is no surprise that eco-tourism is becoming more and more popular as nowadays many of us try to live in a way that exploits nature as little as possible. With its untouched beauty, Halong Bay provides tourists with a great opportunity to see precious and rich marine life, pristine caves, unspoiled bays and majestic mountainous areas. There will be no pollution as you will travel on foot, boat, or bicycle.


Not only making you feel comfortable and relaxed, fresh air, tropical climate and exceptional scenery of Halong Bay will also help you leave all stress behind. Let’s enjoy relaxing time at a fancy resort and pamper yourself with good spa service.

Vung Vieng village's gate

Vung Vieng village’s gate- source: internet

Among the most special attractions of Halong Bay, floating villages are what you should not forget to visit. Cong Dam, Vung Vieng, Cua Van and Ba Hang are some villages in the World Heritage Site. Among them, Bai Tu Long Bay’s Cong Dam and Vong Vieng villages in a less touristy area are outstanding.

It is likely that most of the cruises and junks could pass by one of these colorful floating villages and maybe make a short stop at a fish farm to allow travelers to observe the daily life or to have a peek into the basic living of the villagers.

Daily life in fishing village

Fishing village in Halong Bay

Fishing village in Halong Bay- source: internet

There are about 30 – 50 families with the population of around 200 – 600 people in each fishing village. The daily life in the village is very hard and poor since most of the rock islands in the area are too poor to be cultivated. The main income is from fishing and tourism activities while food and water are imported from the mainland.

Rising and falling with the tides, sheltered amidst limestone towers, the village is a true water world. You will also be able to see the floating school, to which the children go. Surviving from tourism, these villages have a deal with the cruise operators who bring them travelers to paddle around their homes.

Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village- source: internet

Once coming here, tourists will be lured in by the charming fishing village – groups of little living houses on the water tied together to defend against typhoons and storms, the honest and simple fishermen and the sunburned faces of the innocent little children. It is all really peaceful and charming.

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