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Phu Quoc honey moon tour_Part 2

Dining on the beach

If the precious article gives some suggestions for some newlywed couple who are novelty-seeking, this one is delicately written for those who just want to have some sea and sun,  enjoy relaxing time with their playful buddies and escaping the time. If you are the one, I’m sure Phu Quoc main land suits you perfectly. Travel to Phu Quoc with: Dragon Pearl cruise halong bay

Along Phu Quoc coast, there are many beaches, long or short, lively or peaceful, well facilitated or mainly untouched. This amazing land will offer you all, so obviously Phu Quoc will please even the most difficult customers. Specifically, here are some most outstanding beaches.

Bai Dai Beach (Long Beach)

Long Beach

Long Beach- source: internet

Long Beach runs 7 kilometers, so this is the most crowded beach. It becomes busier if you head north, the part near Dong Duong market. Also, this place can provide numerous choices of restaurants and hotels, even resorts; from the locally cheap accommodation to internationally high end ones. The choice is yours.

However, unfortunately, the enormously economic potential of this place has been in the eye of the Vietnamese richest man, so some of the most worth visiting places on the beach has become private. On the other side, you can check in there to enjoy the cutting edge technology and some 5 star rated resorts.

There is one clear advantage of staying near Bai Dai, which is the chance for you to immerse in local life. You can stay in some homestays, go to the market to buy some foods, cook and eat at room. Or you can walk to the nearest restaurants and enjoy the local specialties. This is also the center of Phu Quoc, so you can enjoy almost all modern services. The thing I like best here is lying down on the yellow sand, buying some already cut pineapple pieces sold by street vendor. My classmate, by contrast, prefer being massaged on the beach and enjoy the sunlight. Halong bay Signature Cruise

However, to me, it is quite tiring to stay on this noisy beach for long time. I think 1 afternoon is absolutely enough for this lively place. If you are like me, we can travel to the South, where we can have more room to breathe.

Bai Sao (Sao Beach)

Bai Sao

Bai Sao -source: internet

This is considered the best beach in Phu Quoc. I think with photogenic white sand and turquoise water, it deserve to be the queen. However, the more popularity this place enjoys, the more rubbish it suffers. So, again, please make sure that when you head home, all of your trash has been taken care of. Please do not leave any trace on this beautiful place in order to protect environment and show respect to nature. Thanks in advance.

Coming back to our topic, as a just married couple, you might like the idea of being romantic. If you think the dining on the beach is normal, some roses arranged in heat shape are absolutely boring, a peaceful walk shoulder to shoulder is definitely unimpressive; here is a suggestion.

Why not hire a motorbike to travel on the island? By driving this metal horse, you are able to take your wife to many wonderful places which are kept in secret. Alongside of the road to the South, you can find one beautiful and quiet small beach. There are some debris there but it is hundred percent pristine. You can play hide and seek there and give her a great surprise. With the help of some friends or even guesthouse staffs, you can arrange a treasure hunt. Your target will be a box buried under some special tree on the beach. In this box, you can write some wishes to her and of course, do not forget the promise to hold her hands till the end of your life.

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