Phu Quoc honey moon tour_Part 1 | Halong Bay Airport

Phu Quoc honey moon tour_Part 1

Dining on the beach
Part 1 of this series is gracefully written for young couples who love adventures while enjoying a wonderfully romantic moments. Near Phu Quoc is an amazing heaven, which is rarely visited by tourists due to the distance between this Eden and mother island. This is An Thoi. Travel to Phu Quoc with: Tours Indochina and Vietnam

An Thoi Islands

An Thoi Islands- source: internet

You might wonder why I said it is an off beaten track while you might see many brochures advertising some tours to this beautiful land. It is because those tours might mention visiting there but in order to save on fuel, they might just take you to the first row, no more; while the highlight of this trip is on the Southern Coast. Waiting for you there is not only soft white sand beach but also the most turquoise water. My friend who visited there told me that the water is as blue as the one in Maldives. Yes, while Maldives tour costs you thousand dollars, the trip to An Thoi islands is much more economical. If you are on tight budget, clearly An Thoi is a perfect choice. And I think any newlywed should consider this destination for their honey moon tour because of its affordability, amazing scenery and absolutely fantastic place to discover.

So now you might ask how you can get there! The simple answer is DIY (Do it yourself). You can ask your hotel to hire a boat for you, inviting some more new friends can help with the boat charge. But if you just want some time for yourself and your partner, a private boat tour can be high but not prohibitive. Anyway, you might just have one honeymoon tour in your whole life, so why not make it special. It might be more prudent to go with an experienced travel buddy. If you do not know anyone, I can introduce some locals, who are friendly and professional. Obviously, they will help you with the preparation and I’m sure they will be sensitive enough to become invisible at the right time.

Dining on the beach

Dining on the beach-source: internet

As mentioned above, there are few tourists putting their steps on the Southern Coast of this land. As a result, this is a definitely secluded cove. You will not experience any invasion of privacy. If you want to make the trip more memorable, you can buy some seafood, charcoal, match and lighter along. Beer, wine and other beverage will be necessary. And if your girlfriend loves fairy tale, why not bring along some candles as well. A romantic dinner on the secluded cove will surely add more spice on your trip. Halong bay Paradise cruise

You might say:”Now, I have known about the romantic side, what about the adventurous part.” This wonderful aspect of this trip lies on the question whether you want to do it or not. If you decide to go by yourself, which means there are no locals who can help you much, you have to figure out all by yourself. For example, how to make fire, grill food and so on might be difficult for someone like me, who lives almost of our lives in city. There is one tip for you. With just negligible charge, you can ask your guesthouse or homestay owners to buy, clean and marinade food for you.

Last but not least, please remember to not leave any trace on the islands. In other words, in order to protect environment and show respect to nature, please gather all the rubbish with you when you are about to head home.

Just married

Just married_ source: internet

The upcoming part of this series will mention some other engrossing parts of Phu Quoc, so please check the website for more information. I hope you will find this article useful and most importantly, you and your life mate will have a wonderful time in this S-shaped country.

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