Halong Bay Airport

Top night markets to visit in Vietnam – Part 1

Though Hanoi capital city and Halong City have their own charms, Hanoi is famous for the long-term history of development and culture while Halong is well known for the UNESCO Heritage Site More »

The charm of Halong beach by night

Famous for its natural stony creations, Halong Bay is an astonishing place of special historical, cultural and scientific interest in Vietnam. With magnificent scenery of thousands of limestone mountains hiding breathtaking grottoes More »

A motorbike ride to Sapa town – an experience to remember

If you are brave enough and find it boring to cover the distance of 380 kilometres from Hanoi to the mountainous area of Sapa – one of the most famous destinations in More »

Is fresh seafood in Halong a nice gift?

Bestowed with nourish variety of rare, precious, delicious and nutritious seafood by the Mother of Nature, Halong Bay, which is the most famous for its magnificent scatter of islands, scenic ocean karst More »

Highlight of 12 colourful flower seasons in Vietnam

May is the first month of summer, the special season for almost all students in the world. Vietnamese ones are no exception. In this S-shaped country, when the crickets sing in the More »

How to take good trip with Signature Cruise Halong Bay

Let’s have unforgettable experience with Signature Cruise

Signature vessels pull anchor and set sail from Halong Bay for at least part of your amazing floating stay. Free breakfast, a marina and free in-room WiFi are what to expect on this 12-room, 5-star cruise ship. Dining Included with your stay and awaiting you each morning is free full breakfast. This cruise ship is

Some cruise in Halong Bay for summer holidays

Tai chi with starlight cruise

The Oasis Bay Halong Party Cruise is right up your alley for the energetic and vivacious at heart. From 1 to 3-night cruise, this tour embraces adventure and fun, socializing and nightlife. After a bus ride from Hanoi to your party junk boat, you will go swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or spelunking in the day, passing

Some food for lunch in Hanoi

Bun oc

Bún Ốc (Snail rice noodles) in Hanoi Bun oc is a favorite lunch fare of Hanoians, especially in winter. What is much more delightful than slurping down a large bowl of steaming hot and spicy soup with the chewy but savory snail when it gets cold? This dish has charming crispness of very well processed


Signature Cruise-best honeymoon cruise

With many things to plan for your memorable wedding, stress out about your honeymoon may be the last thing you want to do. Combining pampering with travel — the holiday is in the destinations and onboard the ship, cruises make excellent honeymoons. Forget honeymoons on land; Halong Bay cruise ships have chef restaurants, spas, swanky

The beauty of village in crop

The beauty in the harvesting rice time

Vietnam immediately captivates travelers with its rich heritage and striking natural beauty. Agriculture is highly dependent on natural condition (climate, soil, water), specifically in tropical regions. Vietnam is one of world’s richest agricultural regions and is the second-largest (after Thailand) exporter worldwide and the world’s seventh-largest consumer of rice. The mid-climate weather in Vietnam is a good

Explore the Eo Gio beach in Vietnam

Eo Gio beach

For tourists who want to travel to get peace in mind, quiet and beautiful natural destinations are ideal choices. They can help you get rid of any negative feelings to be happier. In Vietnam- a wonderful nation located in the Indochinese Peninsula, there is a channel which is really wild and nice. Its name is

The reason you must travel Vietnam

A Vietnamese girl giving a signal to say Hello to travelerA Vietnamese girl giving a signal to say Hello to traveler

The hotels are safe There are many kinds of accommodations in Vietnam. In Vietnam, staying in a hotel is a popular choice of the most of travelers. The hotels, including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels and romantic retreats are now some of the finest in the world. Generally, the prices are quite reasonable and

How to get from Hoian to Hanoi

Ride a motorbike from Hoian to Hanoi

You want to go to Hanoi – the beautiful capital city of Vietnam after spending enough time discovering Hoian ancient town, then, how to get from Hoian to Hanoi is what you need to know. You can see more: centre Vietnam travel packages Hoian to Hanoi by bus The distance between Hoian – Quang Nam and

How to catch a taxi in the early morning in Danang airport

Taxi in Danang

Thanks to its spacious roadways, bridges, and walkways as well as budget-friendly public transportation, it is fairly convenient to get around in Danang compared to other cities in Vietnam. Danang City, which is known as the South Central Vietnam’s tourist capital, has to offer plenty of sightseeing, shopping and dining opportunities available within its centre.

Visiting Ben Thanh Market – The symbol of Saigon

Visitors coming to Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is one of the oldest markets in Sai Gon and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. This is a destination not to be missed when coming to the city more than 300 years old. Visitors to the Ben Thanh market are not only looking for goods or souvenirs but