Mat Rong Island (Dragon’s Eye Island) – top island to visit in Halong Bay | Halong Bay Airport

Mat Rong Island (Dragon’s Eye Island) – top island to visit in Halong Bay

Mat Rong Island

Mat Rong Island, whose name in Vietnamese means the dragon’s eye, is situated in the South East of Halong Bay, adjacent to Lan Ha Bay area. Thanks to the impressive beauty of nature created by huge green virgin forests, spectacular long white sandy beaches, majestic mountains surrounding, fresh water lakes, with the highlight being a giant well surrounded by towering rock formations as a mysterious dragon eye at the center of the entrails of mountains, this 30-hectare beautiful natural landscape has recently emerged as one of the top must-visit islands in Halong Bay besides Co To and Quan Lan Islands. Dragon Pearl Junk halong

What to do on Mat Rong Island?

BBQ party on Mat rong Island

BBQ party on Mat rong Island- source: internet

In spite of the less developed tourism services on the island, it is also its advantage making it an ideal place for those who have desires for true natural beauty. In addition to the usual activities such as hiking and swimming to wallow into the cool clear water all day long, you can also experience kayaking, and a lively BBQ party on the seaside with materials prepared in advance. Make sure to clean up garbage after partying.

How to get to Mat Rong Island?

Hanoi to Halong Bay

If you want to visit Mat Rong Island from Hanoi, you have to go to Halong Bay which is about 170km away first.


Rent a car with a driver if you want to directly go to Halong Bay from Noi Bai International Airport. Expect one-way private car service from Noi Bai to Halong to cost a little less than USD $100.

Boat to Mat Rong Island

Boat to Mat Rong Island- source: internet

Shuttle Bus

There are daily shuttle buses getting out of Hanoi at around 08:00 AM and arriving at Halong Bay at 12:00. Shuttle bus costs from USD10 to USD30/person/one way. However, this transfer is only available for tourists staying in Hanoi center. If you are staying in Hanoi Old Quarter, the shuttle bus will pick you up from the hotel. If not, you have to catch a bus or a taxi to get to the meeting point. Halong bay Jasmine cruise


If you want to go by train, use the service of Halong Express train leaving Gia Lam Railway Station for Halong Bay, with the price of USD$20 per single ticket.


Only passengers from Hanoi can take the advantage of helicopter to Halong Bay, which takes approximately 1.5 hours. However, it is quite a costly way to get to Halong Bay.


Besides the usual transportation, if you get to Halong Bay from Hanoi, you will also choose to travel by modern and luxury seaplane with 2 pilot seats, 12 passenger seats and big windows. Not only saving travel time, this seaplane ride will also make you comfortably admire the impressive beauty of Halong Bay as well as record these unforgettable moments from 150-3,000 meters high above sea level.

If you can afford to make a seaplane trip, you will have a chance to admire the primitive character of Mat Rong and know why this island has got its name.

From Halong Bay to Mat Rong Island

Mat Rong Island

Mat Rong Island- source: internet

After getting to Halong Bay, you can go to Bai Chay pier or Doan pier by taxi and catch a boat from here to Mat Rong Island. A boat ride takes 2-2.5 hours and costs VND 30,000 (~USD $1.32)/person. Alternatively, if you want to save on traveling time, you can go to Jumbo Ocean pier to take a 30-45-minute speedboat ride to the island. However, expect the cost to be higher – about VND 150,000-200,000 (USD $6.6-8.8).

Mat Rong Island travel tips

Bring water, food and accessories for camping night on Mat Rong Island

Bring water, food and accessories for camping night on Mat Rong Island- source: internet

There is almost no tourism service on Mat Rong Island, so if you plan to stay camping here overnight, you have to tell the boat owner to pick you up the next day.

Items to bring to Mat Rong Island

  • Enough fresh water, food and accessories
  • Insect repellent or mosquito repellent
  • Raincoat and enough clothes for unexpected heavy rain and strong wind
  • Matches or lighters

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