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Make a stop at Dong Xuan market – Hanoi’s best food heaven

Dong Xuan market – Hanoi’s best food heaven
On the northern edge of the famous Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is the largest indoor market in Hanoi offering a wide range of goods within its four-story Soviet-style building. Nothing short of a culinary paradise, Dong Xuan Market is where you can find an impressive array of affordable and tasty delicacies.Start with a bustling wet market in the ground floor to buy fresh vegetable, meat and seafood, then go upstairs for fabrics, printed tees, luggage and much more. When exploring enough, let’s treat yourself with one (or some) of these Hanoi’s street food essentials.  For more information, please click Halong bay travel

Grilled pork on bamboo stick

Grilled pork on bamboo stick- source: internet

In Hanoi, Dong Xuan is one of the few places that you can find grilled pork on bamboo stick, which is an interesting version of bun cha, has recently become well known by Obama. In Dong Xuan market, the dish, which is served with fresh herbs, rice noodles and a lightly sour dipping source, is made in a traditional style: they wrap the pork in guise leaves, clip them on flat bamboo sticks and then grill them over charcoal. Mouthwatering is the smell alone.

You can find a small snail noodle stand that is always full of diners around noon, near one of the entrances. The broth, with a light, delicate taste is the most delicious part of the snail noodle. The snails are a perfect chewy and soft mixture. Do not forget to ask for some turmeric and fried tofu. Each snail noodle bowl will set you back only VND 30,000-35,000 ($1.3-1.52).

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Small snail noodle

Small snail noodle- source: internet

Here, there is also a pork-rib porridge vendor serving from around 5 p.m. until midnight. It is expected a thick version of porridge, with a sweet and fragrant taste of slow-cooked meat broth. Topped with deep fried breadstick and served hot, pork-rib porridge is a bowl to enjoy in a cold Hanoi night. A bowl starts at VND 30,000 ($1.33).

It is no surprise to know that Hanoians love Pho while locals in Southern Vietnamese love hu tieu, a Chinese-Cambodian concoction that Vietnamese have adapted for their palates. Like the name says it all: pho tiu is the love child of the two amazing hot noodle dishes. A bowl of thin white noodles, which is served with thin slices of roasted pork and topped with roasted peanuts and herbs, costs you only VND 25,000, or only a little more than $1.

Pho tiu

Pho tiu- source: internet

Besides grilled pork, Hanoians also like enjoying noodles with fried spring rolls stuffed with fresh crab meat. A portion costs VND 30,000 (more than $1). You may even want to ask for those crispy rolls more, each costs around VND 10,000.

Beef jerky and green papaya salad

Beef jerky and green papaya salad -source: internet

Favorite dishes among young people are beef jerky and green papaya salad and banh bot loc. Nutty, chewy, crunchy, sour and spicy all at the same time, the nom bo kho’s attack of flavor will surprise your palate in a nice way. And a plate is only VND 30,000. Banh bot loc is a cute, clear-looking, chewy tapioca dumpling version that is filled with minced pork belly and shrimp, served with a delicious sweet and sour sauce and can be eaten any time of day, or night. You may want to ask for more of a VND 20,000 portion.

Dong Xuan market – Hanoi’s best food heaven

Dong Xuan market – Hanoi’s best food heaven- source: internet

Meet Xuka, which is a dessert mysteriously named after a popular Japanese manga character, is an awesome combination of delicious and colorful ingredients: glossy black and white coconut milk jelly pieces together with a little green jelly. How about some red pomegranate and chewy tapioca pearls? Let’s top with some fruit.

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