Life in Co To- a green pearl is among the sea of Vietnam | Halong Bay Airport

Life in Co To- a green pearl is among the sea of Vietnam

View from Bai Tu Long Bay
Thanks to its gorgeous beauty endowed by the nature, Co To has recently become an ideal destination for numerous tourists. Located in the farthest island district of Quang Ninh province, Co To is a place with a lot of long stretches of sand and experience many interesting things. Explore with:  Indochina travel Vietnam

Long stretch of sand in Cô Tô

Long stretch of sand in Cô Tô- source: internet

Tourists will get on board in high-speed ship from Van Don Harbor to reach Co To district. Ship is the only means of transport for you to choose. It takes 70 minutes to get Co To by high speed boat and 180 minutes by wooden boat. Travelling Co To by boat will be a new experience when you can have chance to explore overall charm and enjoy the cool wind from the sea. When standing on the deck and looking at Bai Tu Long bay, you will see how charming the sea is. Unlike Halong Bay where only limestone islands and schist islands can be found, Bai Tu Long has enchanting beauty with inhabited land islands. After travelling the distance of nearly 80 km, tourists will reach To Co Lon Island and continue your journey on the road leading to the town center. Alova Gold cruises halong

View from Bai Tu Long Bay

View from Bai Tu Long Bay- source: internet

Trams and motorbikes are two main means of transport for visitors to Co To which through many lovely roads. There are stretches of smooth white sand on Co To Island. The small boat is willing to take you to Co To Con where maybe you have heard about many stories and praise for it. Co To Con is about 1km from Co To Lon. There is no big waves, so you take small boats to the island. Not looks like its name, Co To Con is quite big and is covered in green, turquoise water and smooth white sands here. You’re so amazed to see the locals catching clams on the beach. Joining with locals in this activity, you will be showed some tips to catch the clams. It will be easily find clams where the water waves gently and the sea clams taste better than the freshwater clams. It is so lovely when you can cook what you catch by yourself.

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