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Hot places to check-in in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

3A Station

Ho Chi Minh City is a famous destination in the South Vietnam.

  1. 3A station

3A loci station is the most famous playboy in Saigon, especially among young people love art and creativity. This complex is located at Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1 near the center. Indochina tours Vietnam

3A Station

3A Station – source:

Here you can find the coffee shop very nice design, the fashion stores of the city’s most intriguing… Also, thanks to wide range of outdoor space, the mural artist and light delight creating colorful works for who love this kind of dusty.

  1. The New District

“New District” is the name sought for months in Saigon. Once a month, The New District to the fair once held with the participation of most of the designer fashion shops emerging in the country, bringing together a large number of young people hotboy hotgirl same love fashion HCMC.

Beautiful Stage in The New district

Beautiful Stage in The New district – source:

In addition to the shopping venues, The New District each reorganization designed a separate area for photography enthusiasts, with its unique design as a work of installation art, gives the photographer new emotions leaves. South Vietnam travel tours

  1. Saigon Garden

Saigon Garden is located right in the city center, on Nguyen Hue Street, the streets are organized in a modern way, just as a familiar alleys of Saigon, just “lit” with colorful building blocks, such as a European city.

Saigon Garden

Saigon Garden – source:

With the name “Saigon garden,” consortium identifying characteristics have attracted the most was the cool blue eyes from the inside out, from the ground up to the roof. You can find clothing store, flower shop, cafe, restaurant youthful style.

  1. Emart

Emart is located on Phan Van Tri Street, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City is home made many fashion photos, as well as background material for the young super love art photography in the city. This place is famous for the wall is modeled as a container yard with ocher walls, giant gray recording, along with simple drawings on the wall that far west.

Emart Saigon

Emart Saigon – source:

  1. Tan Dinh Church
Inside Tan Dinh church

Inside Tan Dinh church – source:

The location is not dissipated but Tan Dinh Church is address many young manhunt after shots style “hold your hand throughout the world” recorded here are widely spread. The church has different architecture works with other traditional churches but are painted a distinctive pink color, on the whole wall of the house, inside furniture, pillars, benches.

Hope you will have great time with these hot places to check-in in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

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