Hot air balloon ride – unique experience well worth your time (Part 1) | Halong Bay Airport

Hot air balloon ride – unique experience well worth your time (Part 1)

Hot Balloon Ride is exclusive

Since a hot air balloon ride is one of the most recommended things to do for tourists in Myanmar, while in Myanmar, it is strongly suggested that you plan and book this interesting ride. It is likely that you cannot find this unique activity anywhere else, after all, where else you will find the chance to visit loads if pagodas in just a single ride? And the second main reason is that you should help Myanmar in their experiencing in a shift of focus to development. Experiencing a balloon ride will add to this help, a great way to earn some great karma. What exactly makes this Myanmar hot balloon ride so unique and attract many travelers? If you interest, please click: Halong bay Paloma cruise

Why Hot Air Balloon Ride is so unique?

Hot Balloon Ride is Exclusive

Hot Balloon Ride is exclusive

Hot Balloon Ride is exclusive- source: internet

Yes, you heard it right. As an estimate, a balloon ride for a single person is expected to cost about $385, which may not be affordable for everyone, both in terms of finance and the actual flight, the Myanmar hot air balloon ride is quite an exclusive experience. Note that cost can vary. But it is possible to visit all the places by land too, don’t be disappointed! As for the other factors, your ride can be cancelled any time before you take off as hot balloon ride is largely based on weather. Your flight is cancelled if it is cloudy and forecasted of rain as the hot balloon ride in Myanmar is conducted in bright and sunny weather.

Impressive view of ancient temples and pagodas

Impressive view of ancient temples and pagodas

Impressive view of ancient temples and pagodas- source: internet

If you want to have a scenic view of the pagodas and temples present in Bagan, the hot air balloon ride activity should be the best choice. While since you will be required to take off your shoes, it will be time consuming and demanding to visit them on land, and, to be honest, you might not be able to discover them all in during your trip. During a balloon ride, you are able to get the beautiful view of the silent tranquil villages, ancient temples and splendid lakes from a different aspect. All the beauty lying below and the approaching sunrise, it will certainly leave you enthralled, bring your camera with you and capture this amazing picturesque view. Halong Dragon Pearl Junk

The V.V.I.P treatment

Small Burma from a hot balloon ride aspect

Small Burma from a hot balloon ride aspect- source: internet

The specialized treatment that comes along with a hot balloon ride is the best thing about booking this activity. The whole arrangement goes like this: you have your hotel book the ride, the bus will arrive before the sunrise since these hot balloon rides take place in such time of the day, you will be taken by bus to the hot balloon station where you will be served hot coffee to keep you fresh and awake, then you will experience the balloon ride and at the end of this journey, you will be served champagne and typical Burmese breakfast. Even though for some people, breakfast at the end and the bus ride to and from the hot balloon station may sound unnecessary, it is strongly recommend that you take this ride at least for once if you are visiting Myanmar for the first time.

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