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Homestay experience in Sapa

The foreigner help the host to cook
Being the landscape with picturesque mountains, romantic blue rivers and fantastic weather, Sapa is considered as one of the most charming tourist destination in Vietnam. Traveling to Sapa, are you wondering what kind of accommodation you can stay during your wonderful vacation? If yes, you should try experience homestay in Sapa. It is not only economical choice but also a good chance for you to make friends with local people and explore the culture of ethnic people here. You can see more: Paloma cruises halong bay
Charming beauty of Sapa

Charming beauty of Sapa – source: internet

With homestay, tourists would have a chance to live in a local family, joining in their daily lives instead of staying in a hotel in your trip. You will be treated as a member of their family so you can have a realistic view of lives of the local people. More than that, you could help them with work in their farm, it would be a really cool experience. You, however, have to deal with some difficulties because of cultural conflicts. Several below tips would be useful for a wonderful shared homestay experience.

Homestay in Sapa

Homestay in Sapa- source: internet

Ask your tourist guides about special features in their culture

There are 54 ethnic groups living in Vietnam. Sapa is the habitat of a majority of them. Certainly, each of ethnic group has got a peculiar features in their cultures. For example, Hmong people usually have 2 meals, they only have one more within crop days. Therefore, to prevent cultural conflicts, you should ask your guides in advance. Signature Cruises halong bay

Local people take tourists to visit the landscape

Local people take tourists to visit the landscape -source: internet

Bring a small gift when you meet the host at the first time

As the habit of Vietnamese people, giving a small present would be a great way to greet the host at the first time you meet them. The good first impression will have a huge impact on your daily life during the next period. You should ask the guide what the gift should be since each ethnic people have their own custom.

Be friendly and respect all of the members in the family

Keep in mind that you should respect all members in the family and spend your time for them. For instance, you could play with their children when you have free time.

Tourist play with children when staying in Sapa

Tourist play with children when staying in Sapa -source: internet

Be open to personal differences

It’s important to open personal differences when sharing accomodation with anyone. Never

Respect common areas

Such common areas as living room, kitchen, bathroom should be respected. They are used by all members in the family so do not monopolize them.

Be ready to give them a hand when necessary

The foreigner help the host to cook

The foreigner help the host to cook -source: internet

Do not hesitate to help the host with housework if you have time since you can not only express your friendliness but also get enjoyable realistic experience. You can go to field and help them with farming, clean the house or do the cook. I am sure that you can gain many interesting things from such activities.

Traveling to Sapa without trying homestay whould be a shame. With the 6 tips above, you would have wonderful homestay experiences in this pretty mountainous area.

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