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Hanoi travel guide

A panoramic view of Hanoi

With its unique blend of modernity and heritage, Hanoi, which is one of the most fascinating capitals in Southeast Asia, is where old meets new. It is hectic, chaotic yet serene, charming and traditional. And with much of local life lived out on the streets, Hanoi is easy to explore in just a few days. travel to Hanoi with: Indochina tours

A panoramic view of Hanoi

A panoramic view of Hanoi- source: internet

Get a sense of more than 1,000 years of history in the 36 streets – that’s the customary number; there are many more that make up Hanoi Old Quarter. On just about every corner, you can find a photo-op. Get lost, make a stop for tra da – iced tea, iced lemon tea with the city’s cool kids, have ice cream or coconut juice while admiring charming beauty of Hanoi’s celebrated Hoan Kiem Lake. See Vietnam’s revered revolutionary at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, savour world-class cuisine by undertaking a street-food tour, and dig into the city’s speakeasy scene once the sun sets. Be sure to get in as much fun as possible right before the midnight curfew.

Things to do

Pho goodness’ sake

Pho goodness’ sake

Pho goodness’ sake- source: internet

Hanoi is at its best in the very early morning since all the streets are relatively free of traffic. Get out and about by 5.30am and head to the center of the capital city, Hoan Kiem Lake, to watch elderly locals practicing laughter yoga and tai chi. Begin your Vietnamese style day with Pho – the most famous dish of Hanoi, which consists of noodles with tender beef brisket in a deep, flavorsome broth.

Taster’s choice

Hanoi is a dreaming destination of all street-food lovers. Think barbecued meat, cool fresh noodles and fragrant herbs. But be warned, take a tour with the Hanoi Cooking Centre which opens in new window or someone who knows their way around as it can be hard to find Hanoi’s most famous dishes and vendors. Look for cool, fresh bia hoi, a light, local brew you can enjoy for about 25 cents – the cheapest beer in the world. To get a taste of Hanoi’s celebrated speakeasy scene, find Tadioto or come sunset, drink at the Intercontinental Hotel’s Sunset Bar on West Lake. Sapa homestay tours

The learning channel

The Temple of Literature

The Temple of Literature- source: internet

Built in 1070 to honor Confucius and serve as the country’s first university, the Temple of Literature (Van Mieu) is the learning channel. This complex of red-roofed temples, lotus-filled ponds and serene courtyards, makes for a tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle of this city. Admission fee is VND 5,000.

The wheel Hanoi

Hanoi Old Quarter is full of activity, aromas, noise and architectural delights. But if you navigate on foot or in a taxi, this can easily be missed. So sit back in a cyclo and bask in the sensory overload. You can have most hotels assist in booking your tour.

Tribal pursuit

Vietnam is where more than 50 fascinating ethnic minority groups and many more subgroups living harmoniously together. Located just outside of town, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, which is a huge space filled with the musical instruments, domestic products and costumes used by Vietnam’s ethnic minorities, is where this heritage is showcased. In the grounds, you can find a collection of minority houses relocated from all over the country.

When to go

Hanoi in autumn

Hanoi in autumn- source: internet

During the early autumn, around late October or early November and in the spring; in April, where you can catch the golden four weeks before it gets hot, are the best to visit Hanoi and northern Vietnam. Go during the area’s dry season from October to late March if you want to experience trekking in places like Sapa. Be advised that it can get quite chilly in December and January.

During Tet (Lunar New Year), which usually takes place in February, as everyone heads home to spend time with family and give gifts, the city becomes ghostly quiet for two days – for some this is paradise.

Getting around

How to get around Hanoi

How to get around Hanoi-source: internet

 Don’t be afraid to pack some water and walk around Hanoi, which is a relatively small place. Known locally as a xe om (motorbike hug), the motorbike taxi is such a great way to get a feel for the city. It should not cost more than VND 60,000 for most journeys in the city centre but it is wide to agree on a price before getting on. Taxis are everywhere for cheap fares. Look for the more reliable companies such as Uber, Mai Linh, whose drivers are less likely to take you the long way or have dodgy meters.

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