Halong Bay- the ideal paradise to take a family tour | Halong Bay Airport

Halong Bay- the ideal paradise to take a family tour

The happy moment in Halong Bay
Recognized as a Heritage World Site in 1994, Halong is considered as a pearl of Vietnam and is also a heaven for tourists who want to explore the hidden charm here. Visiting to Halong, especially in summer and you come with your family, Halong is the best choice if you not only want to travel the sea but also want to enjoy your time in a luxurious cruise. To get more information, you can click: Halong Dragon Pearl cruise
Halong Bay- a natural wonder, located in the North of Vietnam, 165 km from Hanoi, it is not too far and quite convenient if you come with family, even you have baby. Covered an area of 1553 square km with 1969 islands and most of them are limestone islands, Halong Bay was recognized as a vestige of national beauty and was also ranked as a special national vestige in 2009. View from above, Halong resembles a wonderful sculpture work of nature. It is famous for its thousands of islands of various dramatic forms rising from the blue sky. Some Islets in Halong have unique shapes such as the Rooster and Hen Islet resemble courting chickens, while the La Vong Islet resembles an old man who is sitting and fishing. The beauty of the islets varies according to one’s location, the time of day and one’s state of mind. But one thing I can sure that your family will get a lot of unforgettable feelings when take a look by yourself.

The natural beauty of Halong

The natural beauty of Halong- source: internet

There are 1 or 2 night cruises available for your family when you visiting here. But remember that the longer you spend, the more off the tourist track you get allowing you to see more authentic life in the bay. With a family tour in Halong, you will have chance to get out into the bay, get a feel for the people living here, check out all of beaches, snorkeling caves and you’re doing it on the great old traditional boats. Cruise ships in Bay are a great combination of traditional with oriental wooden junk boats and the modern style. They seem to be combined Vietnamese style with modern comforts with less than 20 luxurious cabins per boat, some boats with private company is the best choice if you want to take a cup of tea while enjoying the sunset. If you have a baby, don’t worry when travelling to Halong. Each cruise have restaurant with a set menu or buffet you can choose, and having special menu for elderly and children, of course. Indochina Sails cruise halong bay

One of the most beautiful moments in Bay

One of the most beautiful moments in Bay- source: internet

Traveling to Halong, you have chance to not only to explore the number of famous islands and islets of the Bay but also get an opportunity to take part in some activities such as kayaking, swimming, visit the attractive cave, try to be a fishermen to catch the fish or squids, attend the cooking class, and relax on the cruise. Let’s imagine that it will be wonderful when your family catch fish, squids, etc together and then having a fresh meal made from them. And especially in case of you have a baby. You know it is definitely meaningful when your kids can take a look at what’s going on in a fishing village because they have not only chance to find out more about the natural life but also can understand how hard life is. I bet that after this trip, your kids will be more mature and understand the importance of the nature with our life. I think it is worth more than thousands of books in school.

The happy moment in Halong Bay

The happy moment in Halong Bay- source: internet

What are the best destination for the family especially with kids is the trouble every family wants to make clearly. Thanks to the system of islands and islets, Halong has become an ideal place for tourists who are having this question. Understand deeply about that, Indochina Voyage will bring you a relaxing trip to our peaceful country where your family is the most outstanding importance of your life.

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