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Halong Bay cruise overnight

Exercise Tai Chi on cruise in the morning

With crystal, blue water dotted with majestic limestone pillars and islands, breathtaking grottos and charming beaches, Halong Bay (Vietnam) is of the top 10 beautiful bays in the world that no one can miss out. If you are wondering how to have a perfect holiday in Halong, I recommend you to explore the landscapes by junk cruise, especially overnight on cruise. luxury indochina tours

Halong Bay is a masterpiece of nature

Halong Bay is a masterpiece of nature -source: internet

Why should you explore Halong Bay by cruise?

It is said that traveling on a cruise is the best way to enjoy the stunning beauty of Halong Bay. With a cruise, you can drop by any islands and grottoes that you want. Certainly, the feeling of floating on the water sight-seeing would bring you exciting emotions. You can be assured that Halong Bay cruises are well equipped with all comfort so that they looks like luxury hotels on the sea. On the cruise, tourists can take the fantastic views from huge windows or sunbathe on sundecks while enjoying the charming beauty and comfortable weather of Halong.

Sunset in Halong

Sunset in Halong -source: internet

Swimming, kayaking, and hiking are also provided. Kayaking is an ideal choice for someone who loves adventurous experiences. You would be free to reach all destinations that attract you.

On the cruise, seafood, beer and many other drinks are available so that you can enjoy nice parties with your friends and beloved one.

Exercise Tai Chi on cruise in the morning

Exercise Tai Chi on cruise in the morning- source: internet

In addition, the noticeable activity that has become a favor of many tourists is to exercise Tai chi, which is very best for your mental and physical health. Being an outstanding gem of traditional Chinese culture, Tai chi has recently provided by Halong Bay cruises in orde to make sure all tourists have enough energy and spirit for a whole day. In each morning, don’t forget to get up early to watch the sunrise on the ocean as well as exercise Tai chi! mekong river cruises

Romatic moments of couples on cruise

Romatic moments of couples on cruise -source: internet

Traveling around Halong by cruise is especially suitable for honeymoon who want to have sweet moments together after the ceremony ended. Honeymoon cruise offers all the comforts and whimsy so that you would have the utmost romantic memories in Halong Bay.

What are attractive things when overnight on cruise in Halong Bay?

Squid-fishing on cruise

Squid-fishing on cruise -source: internet

If you have not had experience of sleeping on cruise, this is the best chance for you. One of the most attractive things of overnight on cruise is watching the sunset in Halong Bay. The gloaming light cover the sky and the water, drawing a wonderful picture of the sunset. The sun goes down, it’s time for you to have dinner. Under the sweet moonlight, dining with your beloved one would be more romantic than ever. The most interesting activity on the cruise is squid-fishing. Sometimes, tourists stay overnight to fish squid. Especially, you can make a dish from the squid that you have caught. How tasty grilled squid is!

Nowadays, there are many kinds of cruises to choose such as Private Victory Star Cruise, Pearly Sea Cruise, Private Legend Cruise, and Private Prince Cruise. Why hesitate so long? For unforgettable moments, let’s make a plan for a trip to Halong Bay now!

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