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Halong Bay on a budget

Halong Bay on a budget
With about 2,000 small limestone cliff islands which feature numerous coral reefs, coves, lagoons and caves, Halong Bay is thought as one of the most beautiful natural landscapes and the biggest tourist attraction in Vietnam. Any travelers to Vietnam will realize this national treasure unlike any other destinations in the world. So if you are nearby, don’t miss a chance to stop by for a short yet unforgettable visit. Travel to Halong with: Halong Dragon Pearl Junk

Don’t miss a chance to visit Halong Bay

Don’t miss a chance to visit Halong Bay- source: internet

But, as surprisingly every travel agency and hotel in Hanoi has tours to sell, picking the trip may be a nightmare. There are almost as many travel agents in Hanoi as there are islands in Halong. Even though the variety of choices is a great thing, the multitude of trips on offer can make you overwhelmed. To get you started to make the right choice and have the best time possible, here’s the skinny on Halong Bay touring.

Halong on a budget

Get a ferry to Cat Ba Island

Get a ferry to Cat Ba Island- source: internet

On the contrary to the popular thought, it is absolutely possible for all of you to come and explore Halong Bay on your own.  If you have time to spare and travel on a tight budget, it is highly recommended to take the local bus to Haiphong and a ferry or hydrofoil the rest of the way to book a tour from Cat Ba Island. If choosing that way, you can purchase a $10 ticket from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island. Although the ticket is not direct, don’t too panic! Just follow the instructions as it is all organized and included in the price. The first bus will transfer you to Haiphong City, the second one will take you to the port, where you will get a ferry to Cat Ba Island and, finally, the last one will drive you to Cat Ba town center. From Hanoi to Cat Ba Island, it will take you about 4 hours. Paradise cruise halong bay

Halong Bay on a budget

Halong Bay on a budget- source: internet

With transport from the capital city out of the way, you will spend the majority of your money on the experience itself and cut way back on total costs. Whether this actually occurs in practice or not, is not well worth an argument.

For travelers who have more time, it is advisable to spend an extra day in Cat Ba town discovering the charming island by motorbike. Tourists can easily hire scooters for a day for just a few dollars. Just driving around and soaking it all in, it is well worth your time. Most travelers would find the topography of this island like it is straight out of Jurassic Park!

The beauty of Cat Ba town

The beauty of Cat Ba town-source: internet

Being a buzzing place, with a wide range of stunning local seafood to try, and locals having a try at karaoke on the main strip, Cat Ba town itself is an interesting sight too and definitely worth a chuckle.

However, don’t expect a quaint place with any great characters. As Cat Ba is a town solely dedicated to tourism, it is much more of a functional place, but still fun to discover and spend a few hours drinking local beer and seeing the world go by!

Trip with Local Experience

A trip in Halong Bay will stay forever in your mind

A trip in Halong Bay will stay forever in your mind- source: internet

Even though many experienced would not recommend booking a package tour, it is the fact that they are not only cheaper but also more convenient than exploring the islands on your own. While Halong Bay is crowded at times, taking an interesting trip with local experience is the best way to get an authentic local experience. This tour gives travelers an amazing opportunity to tick Halong Bay off their bucket list while taking them to some of the better preserved parts of the well-trodden Halong Bay. After squid fishing, kayaking and sleeping on the boat in Halong Bay, you can return to the dock and drive further on to Bai Tu Long Bay. For the exact same scenery, you can board an even better boat at a far more pleasant dock.

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