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Halong Bay for a backpacker budget

The beauty of Halong Bay

Vietnam Tourism have outdone themselves in ensuring that Halong Bay, a World Heritage Site, is frequented by a large number of travellers as their must visit destination on their trips in Hanoi. Yes it is, but for the majority of backpackers on a budget, the most relevant question is “How inexpensively can you do it and what can you get for your hard earned money”. Well, keep on reading. Halong Paloma cruise

Depending on the travel agent, rates can range from US$48 to $55. All Hanoi’s tours on offer are ex-Hanoi, therefore, all transport between Hanoi and Halong Bay is included in the price of the tour. To get to Halong City, the trip itself takes around three and a half hours.

Once arriving at Halong Bay, the sheer number of boats is the first thing you notice. It is astonishing along the pier how many are staged and slightly anchored farther out. They are all covered in peeling white paint, and between any of them, there appears no difference. To help reduce the number of boat collisions, the government orders all boats or junks, as they are called to be painted white. Same same, not different! Perhaps a solid decision is to choose the least expensive option.

Boat trips around the bay

Boat trip around the bay

Boat trip around the bay-source: internet

Even though you have fallen in love with Halong Bay, unless you are going to get on a boat to explore the charm of Halong Bay at some point, there is really very little reason to stay here.

Although a 1-day trip is only going to get you into the first part of Halong Bay, this is as far as the one-night boat trips go anyway. Therefore, apart from a night on a boat, you are not missing too much. It is possible to book Halong tours at agents in the city for around $45 for six hours and $25 for a four-hour trip, including lunch. The tour may include your entry to Halong Bay and likely several interesting activities – but do not forget to carefully check what is included in your tour. Indochina travel Vietnam

Ensure that transportation service is included in your tour

Ensure that transportation service is included in your tour -source: internet

Opposite the post office on the beach side, farther along Halong Road – towards the pier – and on Vuon Dao Street can agents be found. Departing from the town at 07am and 12:00pm, day trips last four or six hours. Taking the bus No 3 to the pier (7,000 VND) and paying 100,000 VND for a four-hour boat trip (150,000 VND for six hours including beach and cave) together with the entrance fee of 120,000 VND ($5.2) is the slightly cheaper option. The boats leave at 12:30 and there is no need to book in advance. Don’t expect too much: any functioning loungers or a luxurious boat – but who cares: it is Halong Bay.

The beauty of Halong Bay

The beauty of Halong Bay -source: internet

Although it is also possible to book overnight trips in Halong City, the prices will certainly be on a par with the price you have to pay in Hanoi, so unless you want to spend some time in Halong City, you might as well do a round trip from Hanoi with transport included.

Top tips for a good Halong Bay experience

Bargain hard and shop around

It is up to you to get the best deal although there are tons of travel agencies selling the same cruises. Find the cheapest cruise that suits you, and ask for a discount (whether it is a honeymoon discount, a group discount or a low season discount, or even just since-you-say-so discount).

Be aware of bait-and-switch cruises and get everything in writing

Find the best Halong cruise and enjoy an amazing journey

Find the best Halong cruise and enjoy an amazing journey -source: internet

There are some travelers finding that they have to pay entrance fees or to do on-the-spot upgrades, what they thought was included. Get everything in writing should be your best option (these reputable travel agencies will print out detailed itineraries that exactly bullet point what is excluded and included).

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