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Good Morning, Co To

A beautiful corner of Cau My in the morning
Coming to Co To- a pure island with epic views in the morning, travellers will not only have an opportunity to become one with the nature in a relaxing and fresh environment of the blue clean seawater but also be able to see the different beauty of Co To by doing some attractive activities in the early morning. Paradise cruises halong bayJog along the beaches of Co To

Hong Van and Van Chai is the two most famous beaches in Co To because of their beautiful scenes in the morning. There is nothing more satisfied than bare legged jogging on the beaches in early morning. Have a deep breath of clean air and enjoy the softness of white sands under your feet will keep you relaxing with refreshing breeze. Besides, quiet, beautiful and peaceful surroundings without tourists and noises of traffic congestion bring to you an occasion to be pleased with your completely private space in Co To.

The sun rises from the horizon in Co To’s morning

The sun rises from the horizon in Co To’s morning- source: internet

The beauty of Co To in morning was showed in vision through the blue color seawater which changing into different shades of blue when there are small waves. Sometimes, you are sincerely greeted by locals doing their morning job, just say “Hi” and if you can, talk to them to get closer to the native lives. That will create a real beauty in your soul not only in your eyes about Co To island.

Go fishing with Co To’s fishermen

Co To serves many adventurous tours that draw lots of tourists; however, if you wake up early, walk down the beach and ask fishermen for joining with them, most of the time, they will honestly say “yes”. The island is famous for diverse beautiful water creatures with many schools of fish. Therefore, fishing on boat is an attractive activity here. Chugging around the waters, spending time on observing the local doing their daily work are surely an unusual experience to many of you. Coming to Co To in morning and try to get an opportunity of being a fisherman and view the beautiful sunrise in the morning on boat. Enjoying the morning landscapes and working with the locals. The life of fishermen makes Co To island more beautiful.

Co To’s fishermen let down their nets in early morning

Co To’s fishermen let down their nets in early morning- source: internet

Enjoy the beauty of sunrise at Cau My Rock Reef

Located in the south of the big Co To island, Cau My rock reef with sedimentary rocks eroded over thousands of years by the seawater, creating a rare wonder in compared with other well-known islands of Vietnam. The special tectonic of rock and water make up the special landscape of Cau My rock reef in the morning. The rock layers appear clearly with many colors when you set your foot on. The rocks cascade on each other, have many shapes and colors, making the area a colorful picture of the tectonic process of the Nature. Let take a beautiful and easy walk to the beach for a gorgeous sunrise view. It’s phenomenal to watch the reddish sun gradually appearing from the horizon, shining the Co To’s first orange light beams of the day. Treasure Junk halong

A beautiful corner of Cau My in the morning

A beautiful corner of Cau My in the morning- source: internet

Swim in the morning

Uncle Ho beach in Co To is located just outside of the island. It is 15km in length running through the last point of the island. The beach has white sand framed by the green casuarinas forests along with the paved road running along the coast. The beach is the favorite beach of people on the Co To island as well as the most beautiful spot for contemplating sunrise.

The blue seawater above the white sand in Co To

The blue seawater above the white sand in Co To- source: internet

Such a great shame if you don’t take a chance to swim in one of the most photographed Co To’s beaches in the early morning. Before taking a swim, don’t miss the mile-long stretch of silky, powder-white sand slopes. If that weren’t scenic enough, the blue waters will not disappoint you. It’s like beaches in Co To are created for all types of swimmers, from beginners to masters.

Doing all of these activities you can feel a diversified beauty of Co To island in the morning.

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