How To Get Ha Long Bay By Air Way | Halong Bay Airport

How To Get Ha Long Bay By Air Way

How To Get Ha Long Bay By Air Way

For helicopter tour, Do you think about obverse Halong bay panoramic view? It is very amazing; you will see one of the world’s natural wonders – a bay with more than 3,000 islands at the height of 300 meters. Visitors will have stunning views to this World Natural Heritage from many different perspectives. The setting under with jade-green sea water, lime-stone islands and white sand beaches will certainly make you strongly impressed. This is a great way to explore the World Natural Wonder from on high and save your time (a helicopter tour just takes about 45 minutes).

In addition, for seaplane tour service, The Seagull Airlines has just cooperated with Paradise Cruise in order to promote a special offer for customers. Accordingly, the total package cost for each tour Halong in two days one night is VND 10.3 million/ person. This offer is applicable on the occasion of opening the new and luxury package of travel services on Halong bay. The cooperative activity will provide unique and convenient tourism experiences for local and foreign tourists who are eager to discover new perspectives on the beauty of Vietnam.

Tip: The cost of helicopter transfer and seaplane tour is quite expensive, so you should consider your budget before using this service.

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