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Food in Tamdao

Food in Tamdao

Tam Dao in food is the mountainous region of Vinh Phuc province, located between the deltas of the Red River, Hanoi is only 40 kilometers away as the crow flies, not only famous for its cool weather comparable to Sa Pa and Da Lat but also famous for its specialty dishes. Here are some of the famous dishes of Tam Dao.
1. Chayote
Su Su popular varieties that are loose soil , moist , fertile and cool climate growing chayote should be planted more people here . There is also the advantage of both countries to the northern tip slit bamboo , cork tree to climb hills chayote . Even Chayote also is grown on the terrace of the elegant high-rise . Chayote rig has the largest area of up to a few perch . Looking down from on high that only a horror overwhelmed. Neck stood up at the back ground , one by one by swinging down through the crack reached rigs , green . Travel to Vietnam
Here chayote unlike other regions in terms of the seasonal fruits and tops . In the lowlands, chayote planted only once a year , in Tam Dao people grow year round , year after year . It was removed to give the original old -school flame shoots up chayote , green lush little , then a new fertilizer . Just three days once people cut to limit the effect and stimulate germination of plants . Because here they planted the flame is not as effective for harvesting in Sa Pa .
Rubber tree plantation here is ” entitled ” Preferential many weather phenomena should not have been bitten by the roots withered dead termites , insects do not eat leaves and fruit . Chayote tree here has all the favorable conditions for the development of green that does not require pesticides . This is also the reason for the diners near and far to enjoy peace of mind kind of ” super- clean vegetables ” is.
In addition to differences in climatic conditions such as seasonal , chayote Tam Dao also very particular characteristics of difficulty and with the other regions . When you eat , really easily feel the soft but crunchy delicious , natural sweetness cool . For that reason, it quickly became the specialty of the Tam Dao and very popular with tourists . Who has ever set foot in this mountainous region are very excited in front of the vast green fields chayote succession across the aisle, a fresh green young people feel strange peace. It makes people feel peace.

2. Boar meat
Pigs roam in the forests, to meals call for eating more vegetables, bran to pet owners for easy management. We have to make food available in the forest to live is. So we return to the original instincts, slow-growing, long snout, the hirsute hair, buttocks intolerable, abdomen slender, the foot elevated, only 15 to 16 kg can be slaughtered. This pig finished shaving, open hearts, stuffed guava leaves, lemon grass leaves, leaf buds or sesame in the stomach and gold consumption. Pork thin and elastic, not extra lean, not fat. Eat no day, no foul, as sweet as chewing, food processing always delicious, charming. Su su brand vegetables Tam Dao is popular, sales never e. Popular chayote loose soil, moist and well suited to the climate of Tam Dao. Here, large truss su su to several acres, at the olive fruit, once picked, can fill a truck.
Tam Dao also has all the conditions to feed deer, goats , sheep , rabbits , goby development streams by damming natural breeding , dairy queen , puffiness … The things that by skilled chefs food processing into specialty Tam Dao may attract tourists and always serve the people , the local people of Vinh Phuc .


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