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Some food for lunch in Hanoi

Bun oc

Bún Ốc (Snail rice noodles) in Hanoi

Bun oc is a favorite lunch fare of Hanoians, especially in winter. What is much more delightful than slurping down a large bowl of steaming hot and spicy soup with the chewy but savory snail when it gets cold? This dish has charming crispness of very well processed snail and a singular sour taste from thickened vinegar. Accompanied with Bun oc is a wide variety of fresh herbs and vegetables such as: basil, knotweed, perilla, coriander and lettuce.

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Bun oc

Bun oc -source: internet

Boiled snail is the main ingredient, but you can still feel the elegance when eat this dish with scalded tomato, fried tofu and raw vegetable. Bun oc is a popular dish of local residents, so you can find it everywhere at restaurants or on the streets at only VND 20,000-30,000 ($1.3) per portion.

Where to go for Bún ốc in Hanoi:

  • 530 Thuy Khe Street
  • 73A Mai Hac De, Hoe Nhai Street
  • Madam Luong at 191 Khuong Thuong Street
  • 54 Doi Can Sreet

Chả Cá Lã Vọng (Turmeric Grilled Fish) for lunch in Hanoi

Cha ca La Vong

Cha ca La Vong- source: internet

La Vong grilled fish, whose recipe has been handed down for over 70 years from generation to the other by Doan family, is a highlight of Hanoi’s cuisine. A special kind of fish named hemibagrus is the ingredient of La Vong grilled fish. After grilled with oil and dill, hemibagrus’ meat is served with shrimp paste and vermicelli. This simple but scrumptious food attracts a large number of locals, domestic and international travelers as well. For the best taste of this dish, visit La Vong Street! Travel to Vietnam

Expect to pay for VND 120,000 per person for a dish of Cha Ca La Vong with tender fish loaded with turmeric, smooth and slippery rice vermicelli which is a great balance for the sweet and sour fish sauce and the nutty turmeric-laden oil fish.

Where to go for Cha Ca La Vong in Hanoi

  • Cha Ca La Vong: No 14 Cha Ca Street, Hanoi

Pho Xao Hanoi

When well done the outer edges acquire a browned crunchiness, whilst the center stays soft and glutinous. The flat, smoother pho xao doesn’t crisp up like its pre-boiled instant cousin. This food tastes best with a fried egg and seasoned with chili or soy sauce.

Pho xao

Pho xao- source: internet

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