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Explore the Eo Gio beach in Vietnam

Eo Gio beach

For tourists who want to travel to get peace in mind, quiet and beautiful natural destinations are ideal choices. They can help you get rid of any negative feelings to be happier. In Vietnam- a wonderful nation located in the Indochinese Peninsula, there is a channel which is really wild and nice. Its name is Wind Channel or Eo Gio in Vietnamese. When visiting here, you will certainly have interesting moment!

  1. The unique beauty of Eo Gio
Explore Eo Gio beach

Explore Eo Gio beach in Vietnam – source: internet

Despite being discovered for a long time, Eo Gio hasn’t been really famous because the way to get to this destination is quite hard. Tourists coming here are almost adventure lovers or backpackers. Therefore, this place stays its wild beauty which creates the wonderful uniqueness. People who have ever come here give this destination many florid names such as The Excellent Work of Nature, The Heaven on the Earth and so on.


Eo Gio beach

Eo Gio beach- source: internet

The highlight of Eo Gio is that there are more than 10 caves where many kinds of bird choose to build their nest. These caves have very interesting names such as Ky Co cave, Ba Nghe cave, Suc Khoe cave, Doi cave and so on. If having chance to visit Eo Gio, you should plan to wait before these cave and see them.

  1. How to get to Eo Gio in Vietnam
  1. Exciting activities for you in Eo Gio

Camping on large green grass

As being mentioned, Eo Gio is surrounded by a lot of green grass. It is really an ideal place for a picnic trip. To prepare for this, you need to bring along a camp, blanket, fire maker, food, drink and so on. Imagining that you will have a lovely camp beside the sea. It is so cool, right? In the morning, you can see the first sunlight. In sunset, lying before the camp and enjoying sunset is wonderful. At night, you can make a campfire, sing, drink and enjoy some snacks. In particular, all the activities are deeply in nature.

The unique road in Eo Gio

The unique road in Eo Gio- source: internet

Visiting fishing village and enjoying delicious seafood

Eo Gio fishing village is an attractive destination you have to visit in Eo Gio. Fishing men here earn their living almost thank for the sea. Therefore, the life is not rich. However, it can draw many attraction because of peaceful speed of life and the hospitability of local people. Coming here, you can talk to them about their tradition and belief. From that, learning more about Vietnamese fishing villages’ culture. (Of course, if you have an interpreter). Furthermore, you shouldn’t miss enjoying seafood here bescause it is very fresh and delicious.

Eo Gio is an ideal destination for anyone who want to refresh their soul. Coming here, you will have chance to open your mind and have many exciting moment!

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