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How to experience squid fishing in Halong

Tourist are patient to waiting “squid drunken” in Halong Bay
An evening fishing fish is really enjoyable with tourists when they travel to Halong. After being transferred to a fishing boat, which is creatively designed in Vietnamese style and experience making noise, tourists will receive detailed instructions from Vietnamese fishermen about how to fish squid in the sea at night, let down the fish net and get their results as a real fisherman. You can read more: Paradise cruise halong bay

Squid fishing- A popular and interesting activity in Halong

Squid fishing- A popular and interesting activity in Halong- source: internet

The fishing squid season

The squid season starts around April and tends to come to end around January. Early on, the squid are often smaller, but as the season goes on and they eat more and more, their size increases. From August to December, it is the peak fishing squid season and though the biggest ones are often occured in October and November, you can still come across a squid at any time. Paradise cruise halong bay

The equipment for fishing squid

With only a simple bamboo rod, a lamp and a catch net to attract the squid to the sea surface, anyone can hook themselves an grand 30-plus squid in just a couple of hours. The quietness of the bay dotted by the dreamy reflection of the lamps makes for a romantic and impressive evening. Signature Cruises halong bay

Tourist are patient to waiting “squid drunken” in Halong Bay

Tourist are patient to waiting “squid drunken” in Halong Bay- source: internet

As the night falls, fishing gears like fishing rods and racquets will be provided to the guests who want to take part in this attractive activity. Normally, during the squid season, it would be common to see large squids hovering around the boat and some lucky guests may catch 15-20 squids per night.

The important squid fishing techniques

Fish at night, Fish on calm water

Try different depths

Best water depth is 4-12m (7m is ideal)

Try different light colours

Use quality jigs, Keep your jig moving at all times

Set the hook stable when you feel the slightest pull on your line

Keep in mind that squid are congregational beings and stay gathered in schools.

Choose a location where a strong light shines into the water. Squids tend to be “drunken” by light

How to know the squid is caught

When the squids are “blind and drunken” by the light, they will hovering around; and, step by step each are enticed and can be picked up easily.

He catch a really big squid- What a lucky guy

He catch a really big squid- What a lucky guy- source: internet

If you want to keep the squids alive, they are best used immediately or kept in a big tank, they don’t last long in a bucket. Or the chef in the boat will cook the squids for an on board meal for you and your family.

 Cook the squids

The squids taste best when you cook them immediately. The easiest way is to steam them. The most favourite dish is squid sausage. You will find extremely interesting when biting the whole squid, the ink line breaks out and splash all over the face. A photo with messy black ink on your face will be fun and memorable for ages.

The most famous dish made from squid

The most famous dish made from squid- source: internet

Ask the Master Chef on ship keep your fresh squids at the refrigerator to prepare your own squid dishes next day. It is good news that there are so many customers doing successfully and all so happy with their own squid dishes on the next day.

Squid fishing can be a real challenge at times but well worth the effort to learn. Now, you surely consider to add squid fishing on your “must-to-do” list when visit Halong Bay, Vietnam, don’t you?

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