Discover Hoi An, wonderful destination for trip in April in Vietnam | Halong Bay Airport

Discover Hoi An, wonderful destination for trip in April in Vietnam

An Bang beach

The unique experiences below will help you to discover Hoi An in a very personal way and difficult to forget. You will have a wonderful trip in April in Vietnam.

  1. Walk around and go to the beach

Hoi An tenderly beautiful even when tourists visit the suburbs. Each curved roof on the building walls are painted bright colors hidden in his stories long history of hundreds of years. Stroll between the ancient town of Hoi An, tourists like you are in a movie, in echoes of countless ancient loudspeaker melodious music is playing. Travel Indochina in Vietnam

An Bang beach

An Bang beach – source:

Hoi An is perhaps not well known by the sea, but where it owns two beautiful beaches. If you are not afraid to add a few km bike ride, guests will surely have a sea trip to An Bang (the center of Hoi An 3 km north) or Cua Dai (Hoi An is located 5 km to the west).

  1. Put clothes

Hoi An is known as the center of tailored clothing. There are hundreds of shops to sew closely located across the street, which means that guests drop selected station put clothes, shoes or cloth bags. Audrey suggests visitors take the time to watch the store and choose materials like that before ordering. If caught the eye last public appearance recently, visitors can buy locally or workers will take measurements to garment according to guests. Centre Vietnam travel packages

Clothes store

Clothes store – source:

  1. Go to the market

Market in the old town is always busy buyers and sellers from small shops to street vendors, tourists curious lanes washed away between nuop nuop. If you get up early, you can go to market small business morning when the roadside sale of goods. Hat makes everyone excited Audrey scene early markets.

Market in Hoi An

Market in Hoi An – source:

  1. Try various cuisine

With many specialties, Hoi An has a unique cuisine. Audrey suggests higher floor as the first dishes visitors should try. High floor is made of traditional pasta, served with shrimp, pork, herbs, bean sprouts and gravy. She revealed that the high water in that particular floor, the chef only uses water from an ancient well of the Cham is located in the city suburbs.

Hoanh thanh, an unique cuisine in Hoi An

Hoanh thanh, an unique cuisine in Hoi An – source:

  1. Enjoy the nightlife

When the sun went down the mountain, Hoi An is not lost in space dormant. The music and folk dance performances were lively in the evening along the waterfront. On special holidays, there are active people drop lights posted down the Thu Bon River to lucky players. Not only that, visitors also have the opportunity to shop at the night market to look for her a souvenir such as silk or several chain necklaces.

Colorful night at Thu Bon river

Colorful night at Thu Bon river – source:

Hoi An is a wonderful place to visit in April in Vietnam. So beautiful and peaceful.

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