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Cultural cuisine in Halong

Banh Gat gu
Halong is known as a striking tourist destination all over the world. Traveling to Halong you have chance to explore many beautiful landscapes, experience interesting activities and enjoy special traditional seafood. Hereunder are top 9 delicious specialties that clearly show the beauty of cultural cuisine in Halongm please check: Dragon Pearl cruises

  1. Cha Muc Halong (Halong grilled chopped squid):

Cha Muc Halong is one of the wonderful dishes which have long been specialties of coastal area Quang Ninh. If people have opportunity to come to Halong, Quang Ninh, they should not miss great taste of this dish. The squid used for frying must be fresh squid that is caught directly in Halong Sea. Therefore squid meat smells really good. The best dish of Cha Muc is when it is used with xoi (white sticky rice).

Cha muc Halong

Cha muc Halong- source: internet

Con Ngan (Con Ngán):

Ngan can be processed to many dishes such as grilled, steamed Ngan, Ngan porridge or fried with noodles or vegetables. Male travelers usually enjoy Ngan alcohol. Ngan alcohol has a very distinctive and unique smell of the sea. The dishes from Ngan are quite popular at restaurants in Halong, Quang Ninh. Con Ngan partakes in representing extraordinary cultural cuisine of Halong.

  1. Sa Sung (Sá Sùng):

In Halong there is a special kind of seafood called Sa Sung (or Sai Sung). At first glance, Sa Sung looks like pink worms but when travelers taste it, they would not feel regretful for ordering this dish.

  1. Gat Gu Cake:

Gat Gu Cake is a specialty in Halong cuisine. The cake is made from rice flour, quite similar to noodles but curled into long rolls. Gat Gu is used with yummy fish sauce, chicken fat, fried onions. Local people usually use their hands to eat Gat Gu Cake culturally.

Banh Gat gu

Banh Gat Gu – source: internet

  1. Tien Yen Chicken (Gà Đồi):

Tien Yen is a district of Quang Ninh province. From Halong, follow Highway No. 18 southbound, travelers will approach Tien Yen Town. Tien Yen Chicken is a famous chicken speciality. It is particularly sweet, firm, yet crispy, not chewy, fat enough but not too greasy. holidays Indochina

Tien Yen cake

Tien Yen cake

  1. Yen Tu peach wine:

After enjoying majestic natural sceneries, sacred place, visitors can go to Yen Tu and enjoy yellow peach wine with tasty local specialities here. Yen Tu peach wine has sweet, sour taste that makes visitors feel light-headed, ecstatic.

7 . Nem chua, nem chao at Quang Yen Town:

Material for making spring rolls are common things. White skin of pork is cut into pieces, mixed together with beans or roasted rice, roasted peanuts. It sounds simple but through the process of mixing, cooking.., the mixture become strange, attractive, tasty. Nem chua, nem chao is the pride of cultural cuisine in Quang Yen Town.

  1. Sam:

Another special speciality of Halong Sea, is Sam – a species of crustacean. From the Sam, natives can cook a variety of delicious and different dishes such as Sam blood pudding, Sam salad, fried Sam, stir-fried sam with citronella andchili, crispy fried Sam egg, steamed Sam, grilled sam,…


Sam- source: internet

Seafood is caught directly from the sea every day so it is always fresh. Though rustic cultural cuisine in Halong do not go through the hands of talented chef, it still satisfies the demand of tasting good food of everyone.

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