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Coffee trends in Hanoi

Sidewalk café

It is likely that people may immediately think of a cultural space with various customs and etiquettes from the ancient time when thinking about Hanoi. Coffee and the way local residents enjoy it are also among the most recognizable characteristics of this lovely capital city even though tea is a big thing. Although each working Hanoian has her or his own way in her or his own favourite place, beginning a day with a cup of hot coffee is an indispensible hobby of many of them. And coffee in Hanoi, unlike major capital cities elsewhere in the world, is less found in chain with high quality menu, yet very unique and versatile. From being colorful to attract teenagers to offering more human-animal interaction in the busy Hanoi, from sidewalk to office buildings, coffee houses spread anywhere. Vietnam holidays

Sidewalk cafés

Sidewalk café

Sidewalk café- source: Internet

Street café, which has existed in Hanoi since the first years of the 20th century, during colonial time, is certainly the most popular option of Hanoians to drink a cup of coffee. Here, you can only see simple installation with little chairs and even no tables, a lot of noise and even dust with no candle, no flower, no light nor beautiful bartenders.

However, sidewalk café give people a chance to watch the hustle daily life of Hanoians and laugh out loud carefree of interruption or express any feeling, as everyone choosing such coffee shop with the same purpose, drinking coffee on pavements has gone to the heart of coffee holics in the capital city. With not only students and office staffs and sometimes housewives, frequent customers of street cafe are also the most diverse.

Coffee trends in Hanoi

Coffee trends in Hanoi-source: Internet

Since these shops have appeared long enough to prove their stable position, you do not need to doubt about the quality of coffee on pavement shop. Although being the cheapest, street coffee may has the best quality of this drink in Hanoi. Café Thai Phien, café Nguyen Du, Tonkin, café Dao Duy Tu or Giang on 39 Nguyen Huu Huan are the most famous street café shops.

Office Cafés

Office café

Office café-source: Internet

As in addition to coming to drink coffee, customers of these shops simply want to have quiet moments for a cup of coffee fleeing from the bustle and hustle of social life or seek for excellent service to work, read newspaper or books; discuss serious or business matters, beautiful views as well as a professional decorated ambiance, this category is named “Office Café”.

Usually inside or on top a high-star hotel with incredible overview from the above of Hanoi of lying silently inside the lush green of a large garden, which offers its customers relaxing glimpse, this style is applied in most of the upmarket coffee shops in Hanoi.

Moreover, another plus point for ones’ consideration is live music performances daily or weekly, for such high quality coffee shops. Paradise cruises halong bay

Teenagers’ Cafés

Teenagers’ café

Teenagers’ café- source: internet

Especially invented for teenagers and the youth, this type of coffee shop has been dramatically expanded in recent years. It is no doubt that the main course of these shops is coffee, however, fast foods, cocktails, vitamins and yogurt are also included in their menus. The interior of teen café creates a hilarious but cozy ambiance for teenagers to either studying effectively or gossiping thanks to the awesome decoration of wall painting with animated themes. To comment, more than enjoying coffee, this coffee style is absolutely entertaining.

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