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How to choose good homestay in Sapa

A warm moment with local people

Sapa is an attractive destination for those who love nature and want to experience wild beauty of North-Western mountainous area. Visiting Sapa, you will have a variety of choices for accommodation. Here, I provide you some options for choosing a homestay in Sapa and some advices to choose the most suitable for you. north Vietnam travel

Houses in Sapa’s mountain

Houses in Sapa’s mountain -source: internet

 Choose good homestay in Sapa by book online

Some homestays leave their information and availability for room in tourism pages like and Hostelworld. However, these might not be the most authentic choices, because these houses are close to guesthouse in steading of being a traditional house. Anyway, this is still a great opportunity for you to have experiences about a traditional lifestyle of the local people which may be hard to have if you stay in a big hotel.

A house for homestay in Sapa

A house for homestay in Sapa -source: internet

Advantages: The biggest advantage of this house is that rooms here are fitted with all modern conveniences and services like a restaurant, a coffee shop or even a bar. You will feel very comfortable in this house during your traveling time. It is especially suitable for those who are not yet ready to experience an original local living style.

Disadvantages: This kind of homestay may restrict you from discovering the real living style and culture of local people.

In addition, I also recommend to you page, a site specializing for booking homestay and connecting between the host and tourists.

Book directly to local people/come and ask them directly

In Sapa, now there is some “homestay villages” like in Ban Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Phin, Ta Van. You can come to this village to ask local people directly for available rooms. Almost every home in these areas is serving for homestay tourism, so don’t be afraid that you wouldn’t find any accommodation.

When you arrive in Sapa you will have many local women coming to offer you their tours. The most common is a one or two day trek, with a homestay and all meals included. Prices are generally very reasonable around $15- $25 per person/per day.

Advantages: You will pay directly to the host, this money will help raise their income and improve their life quality rather than going to the tourist agency’s pocket. By this contact, you will have more chance to live in the same house with local people and experience their special culture.

Disadvantages: There are no real regulations other than the discussion you have between you and your host. And keep in mind that some local guides working illegally in the area and guide you to choose homestay with extortionate price. Just be careful.

A warm moment with local people

A warm moment with local people -source: internet

Book through travel agency

Honestly, there are numerous travel agencies in Sapa, Hanoi and other big city that offer homestay and trekking packages in Sapa. You can find them easily on the internet. That is so easy.

Advantages – Follow this tour, you don’t have to worry about being treating or going the wrong way, and even you can express your requirements about the homestay, then tour agency will help you find the most suitable for you. In addition, booking through a tour agency ensure that you will enjoy the most outstanding attractions in the area. You will not have to waste your time for planning. Vietnam travel tours

Disadvantages – It may not fit people who want to plan their own trip and their timeline.

A meal in host’s family

A meal in host’s family -source: internet

Book through social enterprises or NGOs

There are many NGO’s and social enterprises set up in Sapa who offer treks and homestays that do their part for the community. Organizations like Sapa Sisters, Ethos – Spirit of Community and Sapa O’Chau offer experiences that provide fair salary and opportunities to the local community.

Advantages –The organizations are very professional and tours will be well planned out to suit your needs and provide you with the most authentic experience possible.

Disadvantages – These tours are often more costly and can be outside of the backpacker budget.

A kind of bedroom in homestay

A kind of bedroom in homestay -source: internet

In conclusion, there are variety of way to book homestay depend on your money, liking. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages that you should consider carefully when deciding. I believe that you will have best experience with this interesting and beautiful mountainous area.

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