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How to choose flights for cheaper shorter journeys in Southeast Asia

How to choose flight for cheaper shorter journeys in Southeast Asia

In addition to saving money on your accommodation, knowing how to find cheap flights will also help you to reduce your other big travel expense. While you are in Southeast Asia, it is almost imperative that you take at least one night bus journey and it is a must to experience the world of a sticky upright night sleep. tripadvisor mekong river cruises

The secret is that you will realize that flights are cheap once you have lived or travelled many times in Southeast Asia. Sometimes you can turn that overnight journey into a short one-hour plane ride for a mere 30 dollars!

  1. There are loads of great low cost price!
There are loads of great low cost price

There are loads of great low cost price- source: internet

In Southeast Asia, you can take advantage of loads of cheap and cheerful budget airlines that can safely have you up in the air and back down again in a new destination for less than $40 USD! In all of Southeast Asia, Air Asia is one of the most backpackers friendly; sometimes they offer flight tickets which may actually cost you less than a bus ticket does. For example, it costs around 2,000 baht for a regular flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, or if you book in advance, even less.

Bangkok Airways, which offers flights within Thailand and to other international destinations within Southeast Asia is another cheap, yet portrayed as more luxury airline. For a splash of flight sophistication paired with completely reasonable prices, this airline, known as Asia’s Boutique airlines, is such a great choice. Before flying, you can also enjoy the airlines free lounges together with free WIFI. Moreover, backpackers wanting to save on breakfast will find an all you can eat buffet the most attraction.

Other amazing inexpensive carriers include: Cambodia Angkor Air and JET2, Nok air, One2go (for flights in Vietnam). All worth checking out before you choose the train or bus!

  1. Use Flight comparison search engines, like Skyscanner

What do you need when you are booking flights? Skyscanner, an excellent flight comparison site, which ensures that they are getting the best deal available are what many travelers always go through. Orbitz and eDreams are other flight comparison sites. Indochina travel agency

  1. Luxury Airlines! Sometimes they offer great deals!
Luxury Airlines sometimes offer great deals

Luxury Airlines sometimes offer great deals- source: internet

Don’t be put off by airlines appearing to be luxury carriers as sometimes they offer great deals and are not as high cost as you may expect! Particularly for long haul the updated movie list and good meals can make a huge difference to your relaxation and comfort.

For example, why not check out flying Emirates if you are looking for a bit of added luxury with your flight from Europe to Bangkok. This line, which was awarded with the Airline of the Year award in 2013, is pure comfort and does not skimp on any adds-on when it comes to in-flight entertainment! The Emirates often offers promotions and great deals flying to all major centers, and is also an excellent option for international flights coming from and to Southeast Asia.

  1. Book your flight online instead of booking through a travel agency

Go online to book your flight in order to get the best deal. You will be charged commission, on top of the price of the ticket, for using their services when you walk into travel agency offices. Book through Skyscanner or make sure you check out all the direct websites for the cheapest deals.

  1. Finicky rules to be aware of when traveling by plane
How to choose flight for cheaper shorter journeys in Southeast Asia

How to choose flight for cheaper shorter journeys in Southeast Asia- source: internet

Make sure to check country rules for onward travels when you are booking your ticket. For example tourists traveling from England to Thailand will have to show proof that they will be leaving out of this country. Travel with the credit card that you paid with. At check in many airline carriers will order you to show the card – make sure you know if you will need to before you let Mom foot your ticket bill!

Before you fly, always look into baggage restrictions. Having cheaper tickets sometimes means that you would not be able to check much or any luggage. For example, when traveling with some airlines, you will have to jump on the scale with your bag and make sure that both of you come in under weight!

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