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How to choose the best cruise in Halong Bay for honeymoon

Visit poetic flaoting villages in Halong Bay

Poetic Floating Villages in Halong Bay

Running away from the bustling and dynamic city centers, you and your wife/husband should come to cherish the peaceful moments in some poetic floating villages there. The fishing villages including Ba Hang, Vung Vieng and Cua Van look extremely clean, peaceful and friendly enough to be these perfect stopovers that honeymooners should not miss. Attractively painted, the seaside houses are the amazing photogenic objects from far distance. If you are finding a place to fulfill your sweetheart’s stomach and delight his/her palate, they are also the good places to purchase and enjoy the fresh seafood. Besides seafood and photography, a chance to learn some unique cultural traits and have interaction with the chummy local fishermen is also waiting for you. Travel to Indochina travel agency to visit Halong Bay

Yummy food specialties in Halong Bay

Stunning food in Halong

Stunning food in Halong – source: internet

Halong Bay is well known for some local mouthwatering dishes which make all honeymooners reluctant to say farewell. Once enjoying a Halong Bay cruise with your lovers, you are highly advised to take your opportunities to sample the awesome of squid sausage (locally called Cha Muc); Nem Chao (the main ingredients include sliced skin pork and fermented fried rice); Gat Gu Cake (the steamed and rolled cake); Ca Say (made from a special local animal which has characteristics of chicken and duck); Ruoc Lo (a kind of nautilus); Ngan and sa sung (a kind of seafood found in Quan Lan Island, Quang Ninh Province). halong Dragon Pearl cruise

Visit poetic flaoting villages in Halong Bay

Visit poetic flaoting villages in Halong Bay -source: internet

If you are looking for a place to experience snorkeling in Vietnam, Halong Bay cruises will not make you disappointed. With its tremendously diverse ecosystem, including both oceanic and sea shore bio-system and tropical evergreen bio-system, it is an ideal place for travelers who love snorkeling or scuba diving. Moreover, with up to around 120 hectares of coral reefs with not less than 100 species within the heritage, Halong Bay makes itself outstanding with coral reef ecosystem – one of its most impressive features.

For your information, the areas of Van Gio Island, Cong Do Island and Trai Cave are where the coral reefs in Halong Bay are largely concentrated. If you have a chance to experience snorkeling or scuba diving in these places, you will be able to admire a wide coral reef displaying a myriad of colors at the bottom of Halong Bay and see sparkling life under the sea.

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