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Central Highlands Travel Guide

Elephant riding in Don Village

Containing five inland provinces of south-central Vietnam, the Central Highlands (Tây Nguyên) of Vietnam with blue skies, rolling hills and an arid climate, are a distinct contrast from the tropical south. The region welcomes a few foreign travelers and many of who come to see the indigenous tribes or go to revisit old battlefields. Vietnam travel packages

Best time to visit the Central Highland

Gong culture in the Central Highlands

Gong culture in the Central Highlands -source: internet

Between November and January when the weather is temperate, the landscape is lush and the rain is minimal, is believed to be the best time of year to visit the Highlands.

How to get to Central Highland Region

By Air

Pleiku, Buon Ma Thuat and Da Lat all have airports which are daily serviced by Vietnam Airlines. Please visit Vietnam airline website for detailed fare and timetable information. There are daily flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Buon Ma Thuot offered by not only Vietnam Airline but also Jetstar Pacific (low-price).

By Bus

In all the provincial capitals, there are large minibus and bus connections with Mien Dong bus station in Saigon. For details on frequency and price, see the individual sections.

Things to do and top tourist attractions in Central Highland

Recognized it as a Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity on November 25, 2005, space of Gong culture is what you should not miss once coming to the Central Highland.

Elephant riding in Don Village: Don Village has long been famous for elephant trainers and hunters. In addition to elephants ride, Don village also offers a lot of other activities such as exploring traditional cultures and customs of ethnic minority community, home staying at stilt houses, enjoying Can wine as well as canoeing on the dugout canoe crossing Serepok River to seven-branch waterfall.

Elephant riding in Don Village

Elephant riding in Don Village -source: internet

Tay Nguyen in blossoming seasons: As November is the blossoming time of Mexican sunflower, it is the ideal time to visit Tay Nguyen. In March, Tay Nguyen turns to a pure white of blossoming coffee trees while at the beginning of January, Tay Nguyen turns to a bright yellow and red color of fallen leaves of India rubbers. Mekong delta cruise

Exploring fierce waterfalls: Coming to this highland, travelers can explore many imposing waterfalls including Thuy Tien waterfall (Tam Giang town, Krong Nang district, Dak Lak province) and Yaly waterfall (Yali commune, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province), etc.

Local specialties in Central Highlands

The beauty of Tay Nguyen

The beauty of Tay Nguyen -source: internet

Made from about 40 kinds of leaves taken from Tay Nguyen’s forests, “goi la” (Leaves salad) is a traditional salad. With some other local ingredients, these leaves are eaten with boiled pork or roasted shrimp.

Ruou Can- Tube Wine: made of cooked glutinous rice mixed with several kinds of herbs (including roots and leaves) in the local forests, Ruou Can is a fermented rice wine produced in mountainous areas like the Northwestern region or the Central Highlands.

Can wine

Can wine -source: internet

Com Lam- Rice in a bamboo tube: Originating from the mountain people’s demand of preparing for long journeys by pressing wet rice (com) with added salt, into bamboo tubes and cooking, Com lam is a rice dish found in the Central Highlands.

Bamboo foot: Bamboo shoots can be processed into many dishes, such as bamboo shoot soup, bamboo shoot fried with pork or beef and boiled bamboo shoot served with salt and sesame.

Com lam

Com lam -source: internet

Deer meet: This specialty of the Central Highlands is mainly in Dak Lak province. Although there are a lot of cuisines processed from deer meat, dried meat is the most popular.

Don Village grilled chicken: Before being clipped by bamboo sticks to roast on charcoal, chickens are embalmed with chili, salt, honey and citronella. Roasted chicken is served along with com lam and citronella salt or pepper.

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