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How to catch a taxi in the early morning in Danang airport

Taxi in Danang

Thanks to its spacious roadways, bridges, and walkways as well as budget-friendly public transportation, it is fairly convenient to get around in Danang compared to other cities in Vietnam. Danang City, which is known as the South Central Vietnam’s tourist capital, has to offer plenty of sightseeing, shopping and dining opportunities available within its centre. Vietnam tour packages

Danang-the tourist capital of South Central Vietnam

Danang-the tourist capital of South Central Vietnam- source: internet

However, your trip to Danang cannot be complete without making your way from Danang International airport to the city center, ancient pagodas, breath-taking mountains, war memorial sites and pristine beaches, which all require the use of motorized vehicles including private cars, buses and motorcycle taxis. Below is a helpful guide on Danang transportation compiled for a hassle-free holiday.

How to catch a taxi in the early morning in Danang International Airport

Danang International Airport

Danang International Airport

Danang International Airport -source: internet

Danang International Airport, which is situated just a few kilometers from the city centre, is used as both a military and civil airport. Corresponding to the status of Danang as the third largest city in Vietnam with a population of approximately 750,000, this airport is the third largest in the country. You will probably fly into Danang International Airport if you plan to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of Hoian or the famous China Beach.

The airport, which was built in 1940, owns two modern runways, each of which has a length of 3045m and is able to handle large aircraft. Not only domestic flights from all over Vietnam, Danang also receives these international flights from Phnom Penh, Vientiane, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei.


You should head through the quarantine concourse to the baggage claim area right after disembarking your plane. Go to the VOA desk, fill in the form and hand them the letter you received from the online visa application you made prior to your flight along with your passport if you need to pick up your Visa on Arrival. centre Vietnam tours

Before finding a taxi into the city centre, it is a good idea to get some local currency at a foreign currency exchange outside from the customs area. If you need help securing a hotel or tour bookings, find the tourist information desk in the arrival hall.


On the ground floor of the terminal building are located all the check in counters. The international check – in counters are right in front of you once you pass through the initial security checkpoint. Going through it, you will find passport control where you can finish the immigration procedures before going to the departure lounge. Before boarding your flight, you will need to pass one more security checkpoint at the boarding gate.

Transport Options

Airport taxi in Danang

Airport taxi in Danang-source: internet

Danang International Airport is located only 2.5 km to the south-west of the center of Danang city and the only way to get to the city is traveling by airport taxi or taxi. Stepping outside the arrivals hall, even in the early morning, can you see the taxi rank and the average fare is 70 cents per kilometer. If you go by shared taxi, the price is lower. The total cost for a 4-seat private taxi is VND 40,000 ($1.7) and a 7-seat private car is VND 55,000 ($2.2). Make sure that the taxi driver turns on the meter and as drivers do not like changing larger notes, always have small change with you.


Everywhere in Danang, particularly nearby hotels, tourist attractions, and shopping malls are taxis available. Even though taxi scams are quite rare in Danang, it is still advised to choose one of the most popular (and reliable) taxi companies including: Vinasun (+84 511 368 6868); Taxi Xanh (+84 511 368 6868) and Mai Linh (+84 511 356 5656). The starting price for all these meter fitted taxis is at VND 12,000 (50 cents) and VND 15,000 for each subsequent kilometer. Also, the taxi drivers have a pretty good command of English, and should you require farther assistance, let’s contact a helpline number stated on the passenger door.

Motorcycle Taxi

Taxi in Danang

Taxi in Danang -source: internet

A good way to explore the outside the city center on a budget is travelling by motorcycle taxi or xe om. At the tourist-friendly Bach Dang and Tran Phu Street as well as some famous tourist sites such as Marble Mountains and My Khe Beach, you can easily find several parked. Remember that depending on your bargaining skills, the fare varies, so before hopping on a motorcycle taxi, make sure you have finalized the price with your driver. To be on the safe side, it should cost between VND 10,000 and VND 15,000 for a two-kilometer xe om ride.

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