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Can you get food delivered in Hanoi?

A meal from Gecko
Sometimes, after days of walking around Hanoi discovering the beauty of this city, you may get tired of being physically active and wish to stay indoors for the day. Now, hotel food is not always appetizing, and tends to be very repetitive. After all, you come to Vietnam to taste the food that the locals love, and we definitely are not fond of hotel food. Can you get food delivered in Hanoi? The answer is Yes. Vietnam is not in the Stone Age in any way. Indochina Sails cruise halong bay

  1. Mobile device applications

‘Follow what the locals do.’, a wise man once said. Younger generation and blue collar workers of Hanoi love using mobile app to get food delivered to their universities or workplaces. The three most used apps are Foody, Lozi, and DeliveryNow. All of these apps can be installed on both iOS and Android devices, and accessible via desktop browsers.

Food delivered using mobile applications

Food delivered using mobile applications – source: internet


Foody ( helps you answer the very direct question: What shall I eat today? Its main function is being a store/diner/restaurant locator. Foody works based on user-generated reviews. Foody users rate each and every of these options by commenting and giving scores. Even if you don’t understand Vietnamese, you can surely choose some certain diners based on average score, price range, opening time, and location. With more than one million visitors per month, we’re sure that you can choose some mouthwatering dish for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Foody’s desktop display in English

Foody’s desktop display in English -source: internet


Lozi ( is the same as Foody, but more widely used in Hanoi than Ho Chi Minh City. If you love everything visual, you might love this application. Its layout has the same style as Pinterest with thousands of comments and pictures, making it a very difficult task for users to choose exactly what they want to eat. Lozi is not exclusively used for foodaholics; people also do buy-and-sell there as well. Signature Cruises halong bay

Lozi app interface

Lozi app interface -source: internet


We call DeliveryNow ( the Holy Grail of Hanoian foodaholics. This is where you order the locals’ beloved food. Mind you, there are hundreds of shops, diners, and restaurants to choose from. You can 10 diners selling the same kind of food, but with different reviews and scores. Use your best judges!

DeliveryNow allows users to choose food using different categories: tea, chicken rice, noodles and porridge, steak grilled, crab soup, etc. Keep in mind that there are delivery and service fees associated with each order. Orders can be paid by cash on delivery or credit cards.

DeliveryNow’s desktop display in English

DeliveryNow’s desktop display in English -source: internet

Restaurant deliveries

Got recommendations for specific restaurants? Easy and simple! Go to their webpage and call them to get your food delivered. Almost everyone you will be talking to will be able to speak English to get your order right. For a quick meal, travellers are prone to call familiar food like pizzas, burgers, ribs, and steaks. We recommend Al Fresco, Pepperonis, Jaspas and Gecko.

A meal from Gecko

A meal from Gecko -source: internet

Even though Foody, Lozi and DeliveryNow have both Vietnamese and English versions, language barrier can still be a problem because not everything is translated into English. Don’t be shy and ask hotel staff to help you if you have trouble understanding when using the aforementioned apps. Getting food delivered in Hanoi is not at all a challenge as long as you don’t get swayed by hundreds of delicious options.

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