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Where to buy beautiful Ao Dai in Hanoi

Some designs of Ao Dai in Ao Dai Thuy Linh

Nowadays, traveling a foreign country has become a hot trend. It means that you explore another culture and belief to broaden your mind and understand more about the places of interest. Through such an interesting journey, you will find yourselves newer and fresher! For more information, you can click: Dragon Pearl JunkVietnam is certainly a wonderful destination for you. When traveling this nation, besides visiting some impressive landscapes and enjoying special food, you should spend time learning its traditional dress called Ao Dai. Maybe you have seen this kind of clothing before on television or the Internet because the image of Ao Dai is quite popular on the international media. You, sometimes, become crazy because of its beauty and the charm of Vietnamese women wearing Ao Dai. So, what is more wonderful than buying an Ao Dai for yourselves or your lover from its own country- Vietnam? The followings are some believable addresses which sew and sell Ao Dai for you to choose in Hanoi:

Ao Dai Thuy Linh- beautiful Ao Dai with competitive price

The charm of Vietnamese women in Ao Dai

The charm of Vietnamese women in Ao Dai- source: internet

Ao Dai Thuy Linh is located at No. 149, Ton Duc Thang Street, Huy Van, Dong Da district which is next to the Temple of Literature. This is a famous trademark of Ao Dai in Vietnam which is also loved by foreign tourists because of its quality and competitive price. With the talented designer who have more than 25- year experience, they have many secret keys to make beautiful Ao Dai which can honor your beauty and hide defects. Moreover, they are very responsible for their products. If having any mistakes, they are always ready to fix everything you offer. However, such mistakes are seldom!

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Some designs of Ao Dai in Ao Dai Thuy Linh

Some designs of Ao Dai in Ao Dai Thuy Linh- source: internet

If you want to have a unique Ao Dai for yourselves, you can design the patterns and offer to add them on your Ao Dai. Certainly, Ao Dai Thuy Linh will give you useful advices to make the Ao Dai perfect. In particular, in this shop, you are really free to choose the materials such as silk, lace fabric or the colors such as pink, blue and so on. The average price depends on may factors such as the material, the patterns, the complicacy of design and so on. However, it is certainly that the price is only from 700,000 Vietnam dong to 4,000,000 Vietnam dong.

Ao Dai Thanh Mai- an ideal shop for you

The patterns of Ao Dai in Ao Dai Thanh Mai are very delicate

The patterns of Ao Dai in Ao Dai Thanh Mai are very delicate- source: internet

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