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The best places for honeymoon in Halong

Overview of Bo Hon Island

If you are finding an ideal destination for your honeymoon with your beloved one, Halong (Vietnam) would bring you the most romantic moments together. Halong is not only well-known for picturesque beaches with soft white sand and crystal blue water, but also becomes a favorite place for someone who loves to go sight-seeing by cruise. Let’s see the list of best places for honeymoon in Halong! Vietnam tour packages

Honeymoon in Halong Bay

Honeymoon in Halong Bay -source: internet

Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay is the beach that you cannot miss in your honeymoon. There is nothing sweeter than walking with your lover on the white sandy beach with luxuriant casuarinas. With its charming beauty, this is an ideal place to have amazing photos together. The tourist services in Bai Chay is also developed, you can travel by cruise, watch movies and so on.

Romantic night party on Bai Chay beach

Romantic night party on Bai Chay beach -source: internet

Minh Chau Beach

If you want to camp to stay overnight, Minh Chau Beach seems the best destination for your couple. The memorable experience is enjoying night party under the moonlight with cool winds and slight waves. The next day, don’t forget to get up early to see the sunrise over the ocean and have private moments together. With the long white sand and cool weather, it’s wonderful to sunbathe under the gentle sunshine.

Charming beauty of Minh Chau Quan Lan

Charming beauty of Minh Chau Quan Lan -source: internet

Bo Hon island

Being considered as one of the most beautiful islands in Halong, it is really worth a visit. You could hire a cruise to travel to Bo Hon island. With towering peaks, this island looks like an enormous citadel. You are also impressed by its biodiversity with a number of species such as orchid, acacia, deer, and monkeys.

Overview of Bo Hon Island

Overview of Bo Hon Island – source: internet

Cong Do Island

Located in the southeast of Ha Long Bay, Cong Do island has a wonderful natural salt lake surrounded by high stone mountain and stretching trees, which makes this island be different from the others in Halong. It’s great to climb the mountain to see the lake and enjoy the fresh air and peace of the surrounding. Absolutely, this is also a good place to take wonderful pictures with your beloved one.

Tranquil beauty of Cong Do Island

Tranquil beauty of Cong Do Island -source: internet

Thien Cung Cave (Paradise cave)

To reach Thien Cung cave, you have to pass through a perilous road with thick forest on the both sides. As its name, the inside of the cave is considered as a real paradise with limestones in different amazing shapes. Walking in the grotto as if you were admiring a magical place with various colors. Don’t miss a chance to take your lover discover the beautiful grotto. Halong Paradise cruise

Thien Cung Cave looks like a paradise

Thien Cung Cave looks like a paradise -source: internet

Especially, one experience you cannot miss when traveling to Halong is staying overnight on a cruise. Floating on the water surface and dining with your beloved one are so fascinating. A noticeable experience is squid fishing. The caught squid can be used to make dishes.

Certainly, you will have sweet moments beside your lover during the honeymoon. Why hesitate any longer? Just make your plan to have a perfect honeymoon in Halong.

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